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Tuesday, April 7th 2020

UC Regents Discuss Student Fee Increases

UC Regents discuss potential 8 percent tuition increase.

Students Continue to Protest Despite Police Violence

Students and Workers protest the planned 8 percent tuition increase at UCSF UC Board of Regents Meeting.

Student of Fortune: It’s a Two Way Street

Student of Fortune comes to UCSB, promises to help students earn money.

Ingrid Betancourt Recounts Horrors of Six-Year Captivity

Former Colombian senator and presidential candidate Ingrid Bentancourt came to Campbell Hall to discuss her new book.

What Rights do You Have as a Human?

Semi-annual Human Rights Week will take place between November 15-19.

Cameras Surveil UCSB Students Around Campus

Inconspicuous cameras are installed across campus TBL explains what they are for.

Campus Groups Promote Safe Drinking

Campus organization promotes safe drinking: Just call 911

Large Corporate Oil Companies Prevent Justice

Riki Ott spoke at the Bren School of Environmental Science and Managment about the harsh reality of the Golf oil spill.

UCSB Student Food Collective Plans Offer New Dining Choices

More than half of the produce served at UCSB dinning halls is locally grown.