Mission Statement

The Bottom Line is a student-run, student-funded newspaper at the University of California, Santa Barbara. TBL provides an independent printed and online space for journalism that engages UCSB and the community. Our mission is to provide reliable reporting, offer an outlet for student voices, and serve as a primary training ground for aspiring student journalists, writers, photographers, artists, and videographers.


The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line is a student-run weekly newspaper sponsored by the students of the University of California, Santa Barbara.

The University of California does not offer a print, digital or broadcast journalism degree at any of its campuses. Student newspapers, radio and TV stations have become the new form of schooling for UC students interested in honing their skills as journalists. The Bottom Line is happy to provide that outlet for students at UCSB.

The Bottom Line got its start in 2006 following a series of tenant evictions in Isla Vista. It may seem tangential, but a group of students realized that no campus or local media outlet was covering the growing problem in Isla Vista — so they did.

Students at the University of California, Santa Barbara graciously approved a fee measure to keep TBL going in 2011, and it’s been going strong ever since. Every day, readers pick up a copy from newsstands all around campus, or browse our website in search of the latest content.

Ever since Volume 1, Issue 1, TBL has taken on a myriad of identities. It has been an investigative news source; a reflection of the changing community; and a supplement to keep voters informed.

Over the years, TBL has evolved to encompass all that and move far past it. It’s a hub of breaking news, investigative pieces and thoughtful opinions on subjects far and wide. At the moment, we cover news, features, arts & entertainment, science & technology and opinionated content, and we’re open to all interested writers, photographers, illustrators, and videographers.

We pride ourselves on providing an experience for UCSB students to participate in, whether breaking, making or reading the news. We invite you to join us, no matter how you do it.

Contact us at editors@bottomlineucsb.com to get started. We look forward to working with you and providing you with reliable, high quality news.


Many of our previous staff members have gone on to pursue journalism and careers in the media industry after college. Some of our alumni include:

  • Gwendolyn Wu (Class of 2018) – Breaking News Reporter, San Francisco Chronicle
  • Chloe Babauta (Class of 2015) – Reporter, USA Today/Gannett Network
  • Megan Barnes (Class of 2009) – Reporter, Daily Breeze
  • Mathew Burciaga (Class of 2016) – Education Reporter, Santa Maria Times
  • Bianca Beltrán (Class of 2013) – Reporter, KSBW Action News 8
  • Annalise Domenighini (Class of 2013) – Social Media Producer, VICE Media
  • Amanda Garcia (Class of 2012)- Production Assistant, NBC/MSNBC (former)
  • Isabelle Geczy (Class of 2015)- Organizer, Greenpeace
  • Sam Goldman (Class of 2015) – Reporter, Mission Local
  • Coleman Gray (Class of 2015) – Senior Editor, The Sports Quotient
  • Montana MacLachlan (Class of 2015) – Reporter, KECI-TV, NBC Montana
  • Marissa Perez (Class of 2015) – Production Assistant, NBC
  • Anjali Shastry (Class of 2014) – Reporter, The Washington Times (former)
  • Steven Wilson (Class of 2011) – Sports Editor, Roseville Press Tribune