ChatGPT — Art Fool or AI Genius?

Tia Trinh Arts & Entertainment Co-Editor Write a poem. Simple instructions, right? However, to a human, this might be a difficult endeavor. There are so many...

Cracking Under Pressure: UCSB and Researchers Predict the Failure of Crystalline Metallic Material

Melanie Martinez Science and Tech Co-Editor Crystalline metallic materials are a key component of infrastructure in modern structures. These structures range from bridges, airplanes, and oil...

What’s Poppin’: Does the I.V. Party Scene Need a Platform?

Hailey Hill  Science and Technology Editor  UC Santa Barbara (UCSB)’s neighboring community of Isla Vista (I.V.) has a long-standing reputation of having a consistently strong party...

Hybrid is Hot: These Options Need to Stay

Mariela Vasquez Contributing Writer The notorious COVID-19 lockdown that began March 2020 felt like a fever dream. Everything stopped and the entire country was in a...

It’s Time to BeReal: Tackling Social Media Authenticity

Kate Fernandez Contributing Writer It’s a Friday night, and chaos begins to ensue on the streets of Isla Vista (I.V.). Everywhere you look, people are going...
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