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Isla Vista
Thursday, June 4th 2020

Discover the Library

The Davidson Library and the Arts Library are two places incoming freshmen should not stall to check.

Two UCSB Scientists Win Presidential Award

The PECASE awards are meant to foster innovative developments in science and engineering

A Guide to Searching For, Enrolling In and Dropping Courses and a Few Other...

Gaucho On-Line Data, otherwise known as GOLD

Academic Resources and Tutoring at Your Fingertips

CLAS, short for Campus Learning Assistance Services.

Reel Loud Film Fest Preview

Reel Loud fuses live music, dance and acrobatic acts with fourteen short, original silent films to create “the greatest show on Earth.”

The Cove

The Cove was presented by CALPIRG following a discussion with Save Japan Dolphins.

Professors Help Struggling Students Buy and Sell Textbooks

Some professors make extra efforts to help students spend less on textbooks initially.

Biking in I.V.: Just Like Riding a Bike, Right?

Two days, two bikes, bike accidents at UCSB are no uncommon.

UCSB Students Compete in Power-lifting Competition

UCSB power lifters compete at the Power-lifting Championship.

An Evening with a “True” Gaucho- Jim Rome

Sport figure Jim Rome, Gaucho Alumni, comes to UCSB.