Renoviction Battle in Isla Vista: CBC & The Sweeps Remains a Ghost Town Amidst Legal Twist

Houston Sasselli News Editor CBC & The Sweeps, an apartment complex in Isla Vista (I.V.), has continued to face a housing crisis since the property was...

UCSB Makerspace: Fostering Innovation and Creativity

Houston Sasselli News Editor UC Santa Barbara (UCSB) has always been trademarked by its packed library, but the university has just added another tool to their...


Percy Jackson and Writing Wrongs

Jasmine Liang Arts & Entertainment Editor This article contains spoilers for “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” (2023) and “The Lightning Thief” (2010).  On Jan. 30th, “Percy Jackson...

Living the Question: The Social and Political Context of Biodiversity

Cassie Pataky Senior Staff Writer Recently, Dr. Millie Chapman, a postdoctoral researcher at the UC Santa Barbara-affiliated National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS), garnered...


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From Christmas of 2009 and Beyond: The History of Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Ariana Duckett Copy Editor & Senior Staff Writer With a new Nintendo Switch game, “Mario vs. Donkey Kong”, coming out on Feb. 16, I’ve been reminiscing...

Books on the Shelves and on the Internet: The Outlook of the New Library

Ariana Duckett Copyeditor What comes to mind when you imagine yourself in a library? Sneezing as you walk between dusty oak shelves lined with thousands of...


COMIC OF THE WEEK: "Last Day in Paradise"

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