Comics from TBL's illustrations section, including weekly installments of Gaucho & Mapache, a comic series written and illustrated by Jake Ortega.

“The Lagoon: Expectations vs Reality” by Olivia Kim

“UCSB Crises” by Olivia Kim

“Last Day in Paradise” by Jake Ortega

“Midterm Motivation from IV Critters” by Bridget Rios

“Bucket List” by Jake Ortega

“IV Biking” by Jake Ortega

“Mapache and the Golden Pie” by Jake Ortega

“Go Get Vaccinated!” by Jake Ortega

“Two Years!!” by Jake Ortega

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” by Jake Ortega

“Messy Eater” by Jake Ortega

“The Zoom Bomber” by Jake Ortega

“Morning Routine” by Amy Lam

“Eviction Day” by Jake Ortega

“Welcome to 2021” by Jake Ortega

“9 AM Classes” by Olivia Kim

“Post-Break/Pre-Dead Week Blues” by Jake Ortega

“Types of People in IV on a Friday Night” by Amy Lam

“Stuffed Raccoon” by Jake Ortega

“Accountability in the Time of Corona” by Jake Ortega

“Go Vote” by Jake Ortega

“House Life” by Drew Buchanan

“A Night of Festive Activity” by Echo Dieu

“Trick or Treat” by Jake Ortega

“Mask” by Olivia Kim

“Please Remember Your Mask” by Jake Ortega

“Summer Blues” by Jake Ortega

“Crewmates on Zoom” by Echo Dieu

“Eye Contact” by Emma Lennen

Spring 2020, Issue 9

“Black Lives Matter” by Jake Ortega

Spring 2020, Issue 8

“Looming Terror” by Jake Ortega

Spring 2020, Issue 7

“Missing” by Jake Ortega

“The Truth Behind Late Night Reading” by Echo Dieu

Spring 2020, Issue 6

“Inside, outside” by Jake Ortega

“Dog Daily Schedule” by Drew Buchanan

Spring 2020, Issue 5

“Bald” by Jake Ortega“Digital Detox” by Alyssa Long


“Shota Aizawa vs. Quarantine Conspirators” By Echo Dieu

Spring 2020, Issue 4

“The Descent” by Jake Ortega

Spring 2020, Issue 2

“Meanwhile, on Campus…” by Jake Ortega

Spring 2020, Issue 1

“All by Myself” by Jake Ortega

Issue #24: “Catch and Quarantine”

Issue #23: “Solidarity”

Issue #22: “One Year”

Issue #21: “Just Another Valentine’s Day”

Issue #20: “210 Pages Later”

Issue #19: “Dear Kobe”

Issue #18: “Goin’ for a Stroll”

Issue #17: “Back to School”

Issue #16 – “3rd Year in a Row”

Issue #15 – “Once Upon a Time in UCSB”

Issue #14 – “Creation of A(mster)dam”

Issue #13 – “A Mapache Halloween”

Issue #12 – “Always Watching”

Issue #11 – “Leon Montana”

Issue #10 – “Day 133”

Issue #9 – “Trapped”

Issue #8 – “A REEL LOUD Showdown!”

Issue #7- “April 25th, 2019, Endgame Opening Night”

Issue #6 – “Look Mommy! A Doggie!”

Issue #5 – “Aftermath of Deltopia”

Issue #4: “SPLAT!!”

Issue #3 – “Classic Finals Week Dilemma”

Issue #2 – “Commentary on the UCSB Dining Commons Experience”

Issue #1 – “Another Day in Paradise”

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