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Isla Vista Community Gathers for Memorial Garden Dedication

Mathew Burciaga Layout Editor Ahead of the one-year anniversary of last May’s tragedy, members of the Isla Vista community gathered on May 16 in People’s Park...

Highlights from Pizza with Police

Ariel Reed Photo by Joshua Hsu For years, Halloween has been a huge event within the town of Isla Vista that attracted not only its residents,...

23rd Reel Loud Film Festival Develops with Adventure

Madison Donahue-Wolfe Staff Writer Photos by Benjamin Hurst, Staff Photographer Embarking on the theme of "Choose Your Own Adventure," the 23rd annual Reel Loud Film Festival took...

Improvability Collaborates with Cal Poly SLO’s Improv Group

Bailee Abell Staff Writer Photo by Neha Pearce Every week, Improvability, the “premier comedy group” of the University of California, Santa Barbara, hosts their weekly improv comedy...

KJEE Summer Roundup Kickstarts Summer

Bailee Abell Photos by Madison King, Staff Photographer On the cloudless Thursday of May 15, local radio station 92.9 KjEE hosted their 10th annual Summer Roundup...

David Whyte’s ‘Solace: The Art of Asking the Beautiful Question’

Cindy Chan Staff Writer Photos by Lorenzo Basilio, Staff Photographer Campbell Hall was packed and abuzz with excitement on Wednesday, May 4, as University of California, Santa...

Students Go Hard at Harder Stadium

Lyndsi Ibarra Photos by John Clow, Staff Photographer The University of California, Santa Barbara student population gathered in Harder Stadium for the 36th annual Extravaganza music...

Reel Loud Film Festival: It’s Gonna Be An Adventure!

Gilberto Flores Staff Writer The Reel Loud Film Festival will celebrate its 23rd year as University of California, Santa Barbara’s largest student film festival on Friday,...

Comedian Todd Glass & Friends Perform at Laughology

Gilberto Flores Staff Writer Photos by Mathew Burciaga Laughology, University of California, Santa Barbara’s weekly stand-up show, offered a night of insanely funny stand-up performances, featuring comedian Todd...

Third Gauchella is a Valley of Music and Arts

Léna García Coachella weekend five continued this past Saturday, May 3, as VocalMotion--University of California, Santa Barbara’s one and only all-female a cappella group--hosted its...