2023 - 2024


Tia Trinh (she/her)

Writing & Literature, 3rd Year

I joined TBL because I wanted to be a part of a welcoming journalistic community and to work to uplift the student voices around me. I'm excited to watch the newspaper grow alongside the vibrant community that makes up UC Santa Barbara!

Outside of TBL, I can be found reading, baking, and drinking a bit too much coffee!


Sophie Najm (she/her)

Writing & Literature, 3rd Year

My name is Sophie Najm and I am a junior Writing & Literature student. This is my second year at TBL, and I am excited to work as Senior Copy Editor with our amazing copy team!

Outside of TBL, I love screenwriting, video games, baking, and music.


Ariana Duckett

Writing & Literature with Earth Science Minor, 2nd Year

I joined TBL to read about students' perspectives on UCSB and Isla Vista and improve my editing and proofreading skills.

In my free time, I enjoy listening to music, roller skating, and researching what books to read next.


Houston Sasselli

Film & Media Studies, 4th Year


Jasmine Liang

Writing & Literature, 4th Year

I'm so happy to join TBL this year and contribute to the student-first journalism TBL promotes! In my section, you can find articles about local cuisine, games, and social media, all of which I have a deep interest in as a foodie, gamer, and TikTok doom scroller.

I'm particularly a huge fan of "Little Nightmares" and "Valorant," but I also design and write games myself. Besides games, I mainly write and consume scifi and fantasy media, like "Severance," "Arrival," and "The Poppy War."


April Zhang (she/her)

Environmental Studies, 4th Year

TBL is a venue for my passion for writing and creativity, and I am excited to combine it with my love for the environment.

Outside of TBL, you can catch me competing with the Model United Nations team, hiking as many national parks as I can, being an amateur photographer, and building legos (when I'm not stressing over my thesis).


Benjamin Lee

Writing & Literature, 4th Year

I joined TBL to get in touch with our community and explore ways to understand topics of concern to our campus.

In my free time, I listen to classical music, write short fiction, create low-poly 3D models with Blockbench, and code video game mods.


Sophia Chun

Film & Media Studies, Asian American Studies, 2nd Year


Shane Rockenstein Carlson (he/him)

Film & Media Studies, 4th Year

I'm excited to be a part of TBL's team and keep my passion for photography alive by pursuing photojournalism at our newspaper! I've been a photographer for a long time, so I'm thrilled to be sharing my love with the rest of the team and our readers!

In addition to photography, I love writing, playing multiple instruments (currently at 7, working to add more!), and taking advantage of my last few months of going for sunrise runs around IV and campus.


Jiaming Liu (he/him)

Computer Science, 1st Year

I joined TBL to apply my storytelling, video editing, and leadership skills to keep the Gaucho and IV community informed and engaged.

In my free time, I also like to draw race cars and sedans. Looking forward to an awesome year ahead


Wallence Zhou (they/them)

Film & Media Studies, 3rd Year

I joined The Bottom Line because it's a good opportunity to into media studies. And it also will help me get more familiar with UCSB campus life and Isla Vista.

I like to use camera lens to capture all beautiful moments. I also like to traveling, camping, and any adventures.


Sebastian Mataka

Sociology, 3rd Year


Caren Chua (she/her)

Communication, 3rd Year

I joined TBL to be more involved with the newspaper on campus, with a focus on student voices and collecting authentic stories. I also wanted to grow my design skills in a journalistic setting!

In my free time, I love playing games with friends (VALORANT, Stardew Valley, and basically any other co-op game), going on long walks, journaling, and watching Youtube or Twitch streams!


Shelby Appice

Communication, 3rd Year

Hi! I’m Shelby Appice, and I am a third year Communications major with an interest in journalism and public relations. TBL has allowed me to explore my passions and interests while being surrounded with supportive, hard-working, like-minded individuals.

In my free time and other than writing, I love to be active, outdoors, or with friends!


Tamar Grosskopf

Communication, 3rd Year


Vani Tankha

Psychological & Brain Sciences, 3rd Year

I enjoy working as a layout editor at TBL because it gives me an outlet to express my interest in design as well as the opportunity to work alongside so many creative and talented individuals at UCSB!

In my free time, I love listening to music, running, and baking with my housemates (as well as like many others, scrolling endlessly on my phone).


Maya O'Sullivan

Communication, 4th Year

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