2022 - 2023


Ladann Kiassat (she/her)

English & Biology, 4th Year

I joined TBL because I wanted to better my journalism skills. I am most excited to foster a space for writers, illustrators, and the marketing team to push creative boundaries. I like to read books particularly from the enlightenment era and my favorite writer is Thomas Paine, although Alexander Pope comes in at a close second. I love to run and surf, as well.


Alexis Crisostomo (she/her)

Communication & Sociology, 3rd Year

I continue to love working for TBL because of our unique and supportive environment and insightful perspective on campus events. I am very excited to see how our newspaper grow in terms of exposure, as well as strengthen our connection with our community! Outside of TBL, I also work at UCSB's Women's Center as a programmer. I also like beach picnics, hiking, and expanding my taste in music.


Thao-Vy Duong

Writing & Literature, 4th Year

Excited to work with our new editorial board, especially the lovely copy team! I'm always reading and spending an excessive time scrolling through Yelp.


Lily Graham (she/her)

Communication & Sociology, 4th Year

I am excited for my senior year and working for such an important publication. I really enjoy coffee and reading and a good movie


Melanie Martinez (she/her)

Environmental Studies, 4th Year

I joined TBL to explore an interest of mine that also coincides with the field that I’m going into. I love to be outdoors trying new things. Whether that be learning to surf or roller skating with my friends any chance to be outside I try to take. I also like to play video games which has helped me make new friends and connect more with current ones.


Hailey Hill

Philosophy, 4th Year

I am excited and honored to be the Science and Tech editor this year because I will be able to combine my two passions: writing and learning as much as we can about the world around us, especially the natural world!




Vivian Hsiao (VV) (she/her)

Communication, 4th Year

I joined TBL because their dedication to serving student readers and their members. The community offers great support to help each member express their thoughts and ideas. I am most excited to work and collaborated with the talented and amazing artist in the marketing team and come up with eye-catching social media posts and flyer designs to increase TBL recognitions!! I am very passionate about visual branding, data driven marketing strategy, and creative solutions. In my spare time, I love to explore nature, cook and draw!


Stephanie Riley (she/her)

Psychological & Brain Sciences, 4th Year

I loved being on my high school yearbook staff, so I wanted to join a newspaper when I got to UCSB. I usually spend my free time listening to musical theatre or watching movies and TV shows.


Vani Tankha (she/her)

Psychological & Brain Sciences, 2nd Year

I joined TBL because I wanted an outlet at UCSB where I could express my interest in graphic and layout design. I like playing soccer and baking for friends and family 🙂


Shoshana Medved (she/her)

Communication, 2nd Year

I love how TBL is a place where you can blossom creatively! I'm so excited to lead a marketing team this year and boost awareness about this amazing organization! Hi, my name is Shoshana! When I'm not gushing about TBL, I love reading fantasy novels and writing short stories. My silliest fun fact is that I have a steadily growing rubber duck collection on my desk!


Chloe Shack (she/her)

Communication, 3rd Year

I am excited to gain valuable experience through this role. I enjoy going to the beach and traveling.


Zhiqin Wang (Go by Ashley/Ash)

Communication & Economics, 2nd Year

I'm definitely most excited about meeting new friends and amazing people with outstanding journalism and marketing skills! I'm crazy about cats!!! I have a cat named "Dollar" back in Shanghai and I miss her so so much because I haven't seen her in almost one year 🙁


Diane Kim (she/her)

Art, 2nd Year

This year I'm looking forward to making TBL a more creative, artsy environment:) I love going to street markets, listening to music, and playing with my dog!


Chenyue (Chen) Li (she/her)

Economics & Accounting, Film & Media Studies, and French, 4th Year

So exited to join TBL and would love to propose and make more fun videos for TBL! Passionate traveler and film lover, with a special interest in detective/crime themes


Diana Proano (she/her)

Psychologival & Brain Sciences, 3rd Year

Since joining TBL I've been really excited for the opportunity to put myself out there and gain more experience in story telling, to share with others! A little bit about me, when I have free time, I enjoy doing a variety of different things. I like anything photography and film related, gaming, reading, baking, thrifting, and staying active with different sports.


Caren Chua (she/her)

Communication with Art & Technology Minor, 2nd Year

I joined TBL to be more involved with the newspaper on campus, with a focus on student voices and collecting authentic stories. I also wanted to grow my design skills in a journalistic setting! In my free time, I love playing games with friends (VALORANT, Stardew Valley, and basically any other co-op game), going on long walks, journaling, and watching Youtube or Twitch streams!


Haorui Zhou (Go by Hally) (he/him)

Psychological & Brain Sciences and Geography, 3rd Year

I want to share my view of Isla Vista through my lenses. I play the oboe, sing in BFOM A Cappella, and also fly airplanes.


Vicente Villasenor (he/him)

Hydrologic Sciences & Policy, 4th Year

I joined TBL my first year hoping to increase my experience with photography at a professional level and find a community of students interested in journalism. In my free time, I enjoy running, weightlifting, and discovering new music. I also love to take film photographs of my friends and family.


Aamir Rehman

Mechanical Engineering, 4th Year

I’m excited to get involved in the campus community and deliver interesting stories to our readers. I love reading and exploring the outdoors. I’m also on the cross country and track team here at UCSB.


Lucian Scher

Environmental Studies, 3rd Year

I joined the bottom line because it is really fun and a great opportunity to get into writing, expand my horizons and go on a crazy adventure. Well today I dis located my collarbone going 22 miles an hour on the scooter that's my other job yesterday I wrestled the heaviest japanese-born sumo wrestler in history and tomorrow I'm going to an abandoned mine.


Avery Gunderson (she/her)

Global Studies & Spanish, 3rd Year

I am excited to relate national and international issues to the lives of student in Isla Vista, raising awareness of how the majority of issues have an international scope. I'm also looking forward to see how political issues for students abroad overlap with the issues students are concerned with in Isla Vista. I love to cook, read, swim, and spend time with friends. I grew up in Portland, Oregon, which fostered my love for the outdoors and enjoyment in trying a range of foods and cuisines.


Anne Le (she/her)

Philosophy, 3rd Year

When I wrote my first news story with Lauren Luna, I had so much fun writing the piece that I wanted to do more. Everyone was so welcoming and the ideas for TBL are creative and not just hard news all the time which was refreshing and very much inclusive. I love listening to music and just singing along to songs on my own. Do I have a great voice? Not exactly, but it’s still really fun and I can enjoy myself. I don’t know if this is just me, but I occasionally like to listen to true crime podcasts on my free time. It’s very dark and sad at times, but some people just tell the story really well and keep you invested. I only recently realized this when getting into college, but I really enjoy taking nice walks on the beach or honestly anywhere during the day. This sounds really cliche because UCSB is a beach school, but it’s actually stress relieving and calming. I have also been reading a lot of Webtoons, so I am open to any Webtoon suggestions!