Reel Loud Film Festival: It’s Gonna Be An Adventure!


Gilberto Flores
Staff Writer

The Reel Loud Film Festival will celebrate its 23rd year as University of California, Santa Barbara’s largest student film festival on Friday, May 23, at Campbell Hall. Featuring everything from short films to student artwork to live music and dances, Reel Loud is sure to give one of the best and most unique exhibitions of student talent that UCSB has to offer.

Since 1991, the Reel Loud Film Festival has been providing a place for student filmmakers, artists, musicians, and other performers to display their incredible productions on Campbell Hall’s big screen and stage. This year is definitely no exception.

The one-night festival consists primarily of silent short films with live musical accompaniment, calling back to the days of classic silent films and Vaudeville performances. Things kick off at 6:30 p.m. with an art show in front of Campbell Hall, where artists can display and sell their art. Doors open at 7:30 p.m., and the show starts at 8 p.m.

This year’s theme is “Choose Your Own Adventure”–and they really mean it. For example, the art show will feature works of art with a special emphasis on genre-mixing, along with photo booths and props where guests can take pictures in the old west, the dinosaur era, or even in a sea cave. These are a few of the many ways Reel Loud will be paying homage to adventurous genres in film, ranging from the Western, underwater sea adventure, jungle adventure, pre-historic adventure, and beyond. Their mascot is even an old-fashion deep sea diver who wears a wizard cloak.

“Our main goal is that you actually can choose your own adventure. So you can be in the Wild West and have a sword, or be in the Jurassic times and have a laser gun,” said Sam Lerner, a third-year film & media studies major and the director of the Reel Loud Film Festival.

In addition to fun short films and student artwork, attendees can look forward to seeing the Bay Area band A Yawn Worth Yelling close out the festival. A Yawn Worth Yelling is an up-and-coming indie-rock band from San Jose, Calif., who just came off a successful Pacific Northwest tour. Fans of alternative rock groups like The Dirty Projectors, Manchester Orchestra, or Vampire Weekend can look forward to this seeing this emerging band perform.

Guests should also look out for UCSB’s very own Urban Dance Company to show off their incredible moves at Reel Loud. The a cappella group Naked Voices, another UCSB favorite, will be providing some great musical entertainment as well.

“It’s a little ambiguous because adventure can be anything,” said Lerner, whose appreciation for adventure films and TV shows like “Indiana Jones” and “Adventure Time” sync perfectly with the festival’s theme. “We’re trying to do as much variety as we can.”

And with groups like A Yawn Worth Yelling, Urban Dance Company, and Naked Voices, in addition to the many great films and performances, variety is guaranteed.

“If you’re a music fan, there’s a ton of music. If you’re an art fan, there’s art. The films are fantastic, they’re just fun to watch,” said Lerner. “There’s something for everyone at Reel Loud. It brings together all the arts.”

Tickets for the Reel Loud Film Festival are $10 and can be purchased online and printed at home from the Reel Loud website (, or they can be purchased at the AS Cashier’s Office and at the Film & Media Studies Main Office in SSMS 2433. They will also be available at the door for $12.