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Isla Vista Chills Out, Promotes Community and Sustainability at Chilla Vista

Cheyenne Johnson Staff Writer Photo by Caitlin Griffin Isla Vista residents and enthusiasts celebrated the community's annual music and arts festival, Chilla Vista, on May 11 as...

Handel & Haydn Society Takes Audiences on Auditory Adventures

Oxana Ermolova Staff Writer University of California, Santa Barbara’s Campbell Hall transformed from a mundane lecture space to a musical wonderland with the debut performance of...

Foxygen Fuses Decades Past and Present, Shares ‘Peace and Magic’

Giuseppe Ricapito Staff Writer Foxygen’s new album rides a hallucinogenic caravan of 60s influences, modern wit, and collective fantasy. Despite their kaleidoscopic vision for the past,...

Second Annual Gauchella Celebrates On-Campus Music, Art

Jordan Wolff Staff Writer University of California, Santa Barbara singers lit up the stage on April 20 at the second annual Gauchella event, which was held...

Celio Vasconcellos Showcases Music, Algorithmic Composition Hybrid

Emma Boorman Staff Writer “Technology is a weapon to make playable all kinds of unplayable music,” began Celio Vasconcellos on April 18 at room 2215 of...

The Dunwells Slated to Perform at UCSB for Student Appreciation Event

Deanna Kim Staff Writer Known for their rich harmonies and electro-acoustic roots, The Dunwells will be performing at the University of California, Santa Barbara’s Storke Tower...

How Do You Coachella? Day 2, Part 1

Photos by Deanna Kim There’s a certain sense of twisted ownership that comes with not showering for an extended weekend in a notoriously hot desert...

Ironman Headphones Profile: Athletic Headphones That Won’t Fall Out

Ashley Golden Technology Editor You’re going for your morning jog, jamming to your favorite song, and it’s just about to hit the epic chorus—and then your...

Beach Fossils Introduces New Sound with ‘Clashing Sounds’

Olivia Priedite Staff Writer It’s overwhelming to try and place a band like Beach Fossils into a specific genre. Are they lo-fi surf pop? Post-punk? Dream...