Ironman Headphones Profile: Athletic Headphones That Won’t Fall Out


Ashley Golden
Technology Editor

You’re going for your morning jog, jamming to your favorite song, and it’s just about to hit the epic chorus—and then your earbud slips out. Not only does it mess up your power jam, it’s such a distraction. If you’re anything like me, you spend half your time fixing your ear buds while doing athletics. Well, someone thought of something to fix that.

Created by Yurbuds, ironman headphones are unique, patented ear buds specially designed not to fall out of your ears. They have twist-in technology where the tiny bud tip is turned into your ear canal and the bulb of the bud locks into your outer ear cavity.

There is a great video on their site that shows how, once twisted into the ear, even if you tug on the cable the buds stay in.

The buds feature FlexSoft, which means they are “ergonomically designed to avoid nerve rich areas of the ear. Made with flexible silicone, yurbuds are ultra soft and comfortable for hours on end,” according to the website. They have the added bonus of being sweat and water-resistant and come with a life-time warranty.

The buds come in different styles from Performance Fit, Behind the Ear, Limited Edition, and Signature Series. Each style offers different benefits from fit, to comfort, to sound quality. For instance, the Signature Series buds come fitted with reflectors to make night work-outs safer.

Buds start at $29.99 and go up to $99.99. They are available on the Ironman website as well as at local retailers.

For athletes that have problems with buds constantly slipping our of their ears, these buds are the perfect solution.

Photo Courtesy of Ironman


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