Wednesday, October 16th 2019

UCSB Students Rock the House at ‘Off the Page: An Evening of Spoken Word’

Students from UCSB performed at Left Coast Books.

UCSB Displays Eclectic Art Student Exhibition

Yummier/Brainsickly, an art show with no unifying theme, that you can't "Get Over It"

SB Human Rights Film Festival Review

Review of the SB Human Rights Film Festival

The Art of Boxing

The form and physicality of boxing, the art of boxing.

AACF Calls Students to Respond to Film

Call and Response shows slavery in different industries all over the world.

Dancing Gauchos Shine Onstage and Off

The Sky to the Ground shows the beauty of UCSB dance majors.

Drinking Off the Beaten Path: EOS and The Neighborhood

Find hidden nightclubs downtown, TBL tells you where to go.

UCSB Students Get ‘Aggravated’

This student produced film will be out this May and tells the story of an insomniac man who is haunted by a cricket and as his mentality weakens his life falls apart around him.

Second City Gets The Laughs

Second City Comedy Show inspired Steve Carrell, and they will inspire you too!

Four Underrated Games That You Should Check Out

Four Underrated games that any gamer should check out.