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Since their debut in 2018, (G)I-dle has defined their space within the competitive world of K-pop through musicality and bold characteristics that set them apart from other girl groups. From moombahton beats in “Latata” to Latin pop influences in “Senorita,” the group has established their diversity and creativity through many different songs over the years. After a long wait due to a COVID-19-related album postponement, the girls prove once again that one style is not enough to reflect who they are in their latest extended play (EP), I Trust

The album art features a monochrome color palette with the title of the EP boldly stylized with torches. Below it, there is an image of marble angel wings poised to take flight. I Trust is (G)I-dle’s third “I” series following I Am and I Made. In an interview with Billboard, group member Soyeon revealed that the EP’s name is derived from believing in oneself, which listeners can certainly connect with during this time of chaos.

(G)I-dle starts the album on a strong note with “Oh My God,” an urban hip-hop track that makes use of various shifts in rhythm to emphasize the atmospheric changes within the song. The dichotomy between the dark instrumental and the girls’ higher harmonies convey an element of divinity that corresponds fluidly with the lyrics.

Astute fans will likely notice the lines “Oh my god/she took me to the sky/Oh my god/she showed me all the stars” in particular and wonder if the girls are referring to themselves or love itself, something that is left intentionally open to interpretation. The song embodies the message of trusting oneself through light and dark, and confusion and understanding, all of which are a part of the process of growing and developing one’s identity.

“LION” is also another song that stands out from this EP. Initially part of the EP Queendom <FINAL Comeback> from a reality girl group survival show, the track has comfortably made its home within (G)I-dle’s new album. 

While “Oh My God” explores uncertainty, this dance pop song exudes royalty and confidence through its strong drum and bass, showcasing the girls’ versatility. The lyrics compare the charisma and dignity of a queen to a battle-hardened lion that defends its throne and refuses to be tamed, building up to a powerful rap at the climax.

“LION” is a key song in this album because it ties in perfectly with the EP’s message. It exemplifies the girls’ self-assurance and asserts its place as one of the group’s top tracks.

All of the tracks feature a prevalent bass; a detail that makes this album unique to (G)I-dle. In this regard, I Trust is faithful to the group’s familiar sound. However, the contrast between the powerful instrumentals and softer vocals sets this album apart from their previous work. The clear message of self-confidence shown in both the lyrics and atmosphere of the songs makes this album increasingly relevant in the current chaotic climate, and well worth a listen.


  1. (G)I-DLE really are someone to watch out for.Their discography is impeccable.

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  3. Well said! I hope to see more articles about them as they take over the charts!

  4. Well said, thank you for article. Gidle is unbelievebly talented girl group. They are truly artists.

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