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Wednesday, July 15th 2020

Rated T for Truth

With the Academy Awards and Golden Globes now past

Yes, Cal Poly is Our Rival, But Let’s Be Mindful About It

Sam Goldman Opinions Editor Arizona State’s Curtain of Distraction is perhaps the pinnacle of student fans’ devotion to helping their athletically-gifted peers conquer their opponents and...

Go Green

“Paper or plastic?” Sounds like a simple question and answer right? Not so much.

Teaching Sexual Orientation Isn’t Fair When The Government Steps In

In July, gay rights activists and allies celebrated

Obama’s Endorsement of Gay Marriage Further Proof of Support for Gay Rights

President Barack Obama recently endorsed gay marriage, a move that gave hope to

UCSB Counseling is Here to Help

Coming into this school, it sure is easy to feel like a number, a statistic. There are so many thousands of people on this campus every day. How can anybody

It’s Not the Apocalypse, Just Halloween in IV

The only thing scarier than zombies and vampires is Halloween weekend in Isla Vista.

Hi, Mila, Sam Here. You Doing Anything Next Weekend?

Sam Goldman Staff Writer When I was a young kid, the prospect of going to high school prom seemed weird. Why would I want to get...

Waiting your Turn

Anyone who has had to crash a class here at the University of California Santa Barbara

‘Keep Them Pretty’: Meditations on the Beauty-Disney Complex

Alexandra Idzal Illustration by Hector Lizarraga With a new movie in the works and a couple of spunky new princesses to love, Disney is well on...