UCSB Makerspace: Fostering Innovation and Creativity


Houston Sasselli

News Editor

UC Santa Barbara (UCSB) has always been trademarked by its packed library, but the university has just added another tool to their arsenal: the UCSB Makerspace. Recently opened on Jan. 8, this dynamic facility provides an immersive experience at the intersection of cutting-edge technology and creative exploration. 

Rebecca Metzger, Associate University Librarian for Learning & Engagement, shared insights with The Bottom Line (TBL) into the visionary landscape that birthed the Makerspace. “Our vision is to foster problem solving, innovation, and risk taking on campus. We aim to encourage the proliferation of diverse ideas,” Metzger told TBL. The Makerspace stands as a testament to UCSB’s commitment to providing a dynamic and interdisciplinary environment that transcends traditional boundaries, with advanced tools to give students an opportunity to learn.

The heartbeat of the Makerspace lies in its collection of high-quality fabrication tools. Metzger explained, “We have 3D printers, a laser cutter, sewing machines, an embroidery machine, circuit prototyping tools like Arduinos and Raspberry Pis, and more.” There is an equipment catalog to look at on the UCSB Library website, detailing all the equipment and models available.. These tools, carefully curated to support rapid prototyping and iterative design processes, form the backbone of a space where imagination takes tangible form.

The Makerspace’s commitment to empowering creativity is underscored by its role as a haven for experimentation. “The ease and speed of fabrication lower the stakes when generating ideas. No one needs to be afraid of failing—users can quickly 3D print or laser cut a new version if their previous attempt didn’t meet their requirements,” Metzger added. It’s an environment where the fear of failure is transformed into a catalyst for innovation, which is important for a university that thrives on experimentation and research. On top of that, it is free for all UCSB students and welcomes all students through the door!

While the Makerspace is in its nascent stage, Metzger expressed eagerness for the creative endeavors that will soon take shape within its walls. “Users must undergo online and in-person training before utilizing the equipment, making it an inclusive space for both beginners and seasoned creators,” she explained. Therefore, both beginners are welcomed as well as those who have worked in spaces such as these before. That is to say: if you’ve always wanted to 3D print something, you’ll have a chance.

One such avenue for creative expression is the laser cutting workshop, where participants embark on a hands-on journey into the world of laser cutting. From crafting sleek initials to intricate designs, the possibilities are boundless. The Makerspace, through workshops like these, becomes a stage for individuals to craft personalized wooden keychains and turn everyday items into a unique expression of self.

The collaborative ethos of the Makerspace is a cornerstone of its vision. Metzger acknowledged the space’s recent opening, admitting that, “We are not yet able to share examples of successful collaborative projects.” However, she envisioned the Makerspace as a hub for collaborative initiatives where individuals can pool their skills and expertise to create innovative projects that transcend disciplinary boundaries. The youth of the space promises vital opportunity and radiance to explore. 

As the UCSB Makerspace embarks on its journey, Metzger extended a warm invitation to the UCSB community. “Explore the facility during operating hours; our friendly staff will be happy to show you around,” she encouraged. While the Grand Opening Week has concluded, the Makerspace is set to become a hub for workshops, training sessions, and events that will be accessible through the Makerspace events page and email newsletter. Anyone who is interested is welcome to drop by during visiting hours

The Makerspace emerges not only as a physical space filled with cutting-edge tools but as a dynamic nexus of possibilities. As individuals step into the Makerspace, they are welcomed into a world where the intersection of technology and creativity gives birth to transformative ideas, laying the groundwork for a future where innovation thrives at the heart of UCSB.


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