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The Importance of Author-Fan Relationships

Janani Ravikumar Staff Writer Illustration by Amy Chase, Staff Illustrator On Jan. 2, George R. R. Martin posted an update on the status of the next book...

Writer-in-Residence Series: Award-winning Author Gary Shteyngart Is Hardly a ‘Little Failure’

Bailee Abell Staff Writer Photo by Madison King, Staff Photographer University of California, Santa Barbara's Arts & Lectures, in partnership with the Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, hosted “An...

5 Questions with Suk-Young Kim, Professor of Theater Arts

Morey Spellman Suk-Young Kim, a University of California, Santa Barbara professor of theater arts, recently won the prestigious James Palais Book Prize for the Association...

Margaret Atwood Speaks About Love and the Speculative Power of Fiction

Yuen Sin Staff Writer A treatise on Valentine’s Day by Margaret Atwood (picked over the alternative topic of “the metaphysical meaning of zombies” by the audience)...

Silent Film Conveys Loud Messages at ‘The Future of the Past’...

Joanne Howard Staff Writer Photo courtesy of UCSB Carsey-Wolf Center In the 21st century, it can be difficult to emulate the silent film experience that was so...