Wednesday, January 23rd 2019

UC Supports Obama: University System Third-Largest Contributor

The Center for Responsive Politics reported earlier this year that the third-top contributor to President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign was the University of

Prop 19 Could Pass in 2012

Student perspective on how Prop 19 could pass in 2012

From Cosby to Campus: Why We Can’t Face the Realities of Rape

Lexi Weyrick Staff Writer Illustration by April Gau, Staff Illustrator The Bill Cosby rape allegations from 2004 have recently resurfaced. The difference this time is that people...

Memoirs of a Freshman…In The Dorms

So when I finally met my roommate, I hoped I would at least find some sense of comfort.

Malala’s Message of Equality Shouldn’t Be Revolutionary

Sam Goldman Staff Writer Illustration by Amanda Excell, Staff Illustrator It often takes something quite extraordinary happening in the non-Western world for the average American to take...

The Real Issues Concerning College Students

Jeremy Levine Copy Editor This presidential election, the first that most University of California, Santa Barbara students can participate in, promises to be more than merely...

Shifting Focus, Taking Action

Montana MacLachlan It seems to be a constant debate of “who is right” versus “who is wrong.” Too often I see students complain behind their computer...

Letter to the Editor

I’d like to express my heartfelt thanks to Nicholas Winger, Nico Cervantes

Associated Students: An Educational Excursion

Student critiques Associated Students.

Renovating the UCen is Worth the Cost

Stephani Anderson Copy Editor Associated Students President Hieu Le has proposed a renovation for the University Center (UCen), where many students go to grab a bite...