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I See DC: Why You Should UCDC

Lexi Weyrick Staff Writer Photo by Joshua Hsu As I stared out at the National Mall with the Capitol in front of me, the Lincoln Memorial behind...

Tales From Abroad: Koh Phi Phi, Fish Sauce, and Cab Rides

Lisa Hernandez Meet Kelsey Gripenstraw, a fourth-year English major and fellow Gaucho who recently traded a fall semester at the University of California, Santa Barbara...

UCSB Student Receives US State Department Language Scholarship for Arabic Immersion...

Jasmine Brown Staff Writer Photo by Jasmine Brown This year, the United States Department of State awarded two University of California, Santa Barbara students the 2013 Critical...

Santa Barbara Banff Film Festival Celebrates Souls of Adrenaline Junkies

Robyn Weatherby Staff Writer Sure, you can watch your fair share of action-packed videos on YouTube, but your laptop won’t send the same deep chills down...

How To Make Your Phone Work While Studying Abroad

Ashley Golden Technology Editor Something many students may not realize until right before they leave to study abroad, or worse, once they’ve landed in another country,...