“Every Little Thing” Podcast: A Deep Dive into the Unknown

Illustration by Felix Dong

Janice Luong

Staff Writer

“Every Little Thing” is a podcast created by Gimlet Media that discusses various questions from its audience. The questions are usually random but interesting, often uncovering random, weird knowledge we’re curious about. “Every Little Thing” calls in the experts to dive further into the answers of the unknown in our practical lives. 

In one particular episode, a listener named Lily calls into “Every Little Thing” and asks about a “professional adulting emergency.” Why do we cry? And why do some cry more than others?

Both Lily and the show’s host, Flora Lichtman, are remarkably engaging. “Every Little Thing” brings in global experts to answer these questions. The podcast not only lectures but also makes the conversation more intimate by cracking lighthearted jokes and relating it to the expert’s own lives. 

“This podcast brings in global experts to answer these questions and not only lectures but also makes the conversation more intimate by making lighthearted jokes and relating it to the expert’s own lives.”

The segment, “Why Do We Cry” stood out to me because crying is such a big part (or at least some part) of everyone’s life. It is something we just do and associate with sadness or happiness. But when do we actually think about crying? 

Tears can be confusing, and Ad Vingerhoets — a crying researcher and clinical psychologist — clears it up for listeners. Did you know that crying could indicate that you’re a better person? Or that a couple millennia ago, weeping was the norm? Besides keeping your eyes moist, why do we cry as an emotional response? 

Vingerhoets talks about how crying is a powerful signal to communicate to other people that we need help from them. As we grow over time, we start crying not just for ourselves, but also for others to witness our suffering. He explains that as we grow older, we develop different types of tears; adults cry when they witness suffering (and not just their own), as well as exhibit tears of empathy and happiness. The conversation is filled with surprising information while touching upon one of the most vulnerable and natural, yet all the while oddest, aspects of our lives. 

As a Gimlet listener since the beginning of quarantine, it allowed me to really dig into my rabbit hole of thoughts. I personally feel more knowledgeable about myself and life overall after finishing the entire podcast. Gimlet Media, in general, produces educational yet fascinating content as it branches out to many different topics. “Every Little Thing” gives me the ability to boast about these random fun facts that not everybody will know. So, if you are interested in learning more about the random mysteries of the world (and yourself), be sure to check “Every Little Thing” out!


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