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Day One’s ‘Serenity’ EP is a Short but Sweet Journey

Day One’s ‘Serenity’ EP is a Short but Sweet Journey
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Miguel Rodriguez

Music is one of those things that can really make you feel. It just is. In the case of Day One’s recently released EP Sincerity, the four songs make you feel as though you’ve just been sent on a journey. The four songs, “Eon (Ft. Isabel Higuero),” “Moonburn,” “Serenity (Ft. Aloma Steele)” and “Antarctica,” all share the same mellow, relaxing vibe, using a combination of synthesized and natural sounds, as well as subtle beats to create quite an experience.

Best experienced with sound-canceling headphones or an immersive sound system, the four tracks all create a feeling of “epicness,” as though you’re on top of the world or in the process of conquering it. Sincerity differs from other EP’s in how well the songs flow into one another, and in doing so they convey a story to the listener. Taking an in-depth look at each audio file, the last few seconds of each song are actually an intro to the track playing next. While each song is strong on its own and can be enjoyed individually, there’s a certain charm in listening to each tune in order.

“Eon” feels very introductory — the gateway song that gets you used to the vibe before you dive into the deep end of the EP. Defined by a stable piano rhythm and alluring vocals (provided by Isabel Higuero), “Eon” plays its role as the first track very well and perfectly sets the mood for the remainder of the EP. In comparison to the slow buildup of “Eon,” “Moonburn” is significantly more hard-hitting and intense, alternating between cycles of bouncy rhythms and a melodic synthesizer. While the second song doesn’t last as long and lacks the vocals of the first, “Moonburn” more than makes up for it with its ferocity and in-your-face attitude.

“Serenity” is arguably the most aptly named track, given that this one does in fact feel the most serene. The addition of a vocal track (voice provided by Aloma Steele) reinstates the alluring feel, mixing well with the song’s very subtle chord progression. This leads to a very laid-back tune you can close your eyes and breathe to with a small grin on your face. The final song on the EP, “Antarctica,” provides the EP with a cool-down period, toning down the intensity while maintaining the feeling of high that the journey has given its listeners so far.

The only way to fully understand what I mean is to take a listen for yourself. Go on, download the EP, plug in and sit back. Tell us what you felt at the end of it.

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