In the LOOP! …For a Price


Samhita Saquib

Remember that space in front of Isla Vista Theater that was under construction for the longest time? The drilling, the slamming, the equipment; after a long summer, the LOOP is now in full swing. And despite talk of it being overrated, everything but its price tag seems appealing to residents.

The LOOP is the new residential and commercial building located on Trigo Road. Right in the heart of IV, it has attracted many students from University of California Santa Barbara and Santa Barbara City College as residents.

The building has five floors, with the first floor as the lobby. The second, third and fourth floors are for residents, and the fifth floor holds a rooftop gym with a breathtaking ocean view. If you need an incentive to work out, the view itself should suffice—who wouldn’t enjoy running or lifting weights while looking out into the waves and seeing dolphins in the distance?

“Everything here is very eco-friendly,” says front desk attendant, Amanda Olason, a first-year biology major at SBCC. “We definitely have a modern feel. It’s kind of peaceful-ish. Everything is definitely all related to IV. Everything here has all IV art, and just…IV’s personality, basically.”

The apartments can house up to six people, depending on the type of room the residents choose. The price ranges from 800 to 1500 dollars for a shared room. Although that price is a bit excessive, shared rooms do have dividers in the middle, called a “privacy wall,” so that residents can still have their own space, while still living with others.

“Every unit in the building has an incredible view of the mountains or the ocean,” says Ryan Miller, associate project manager of strategy and design.

    You can feel safe at the LOOP, because it has a solid set of safety measures in place. There are desk attendants available for most of the day, and a security guard monitors the premises at nighttime once the desk attendants leave. All of the residents have key cards that they need in order to enter the building and to operate the elevator. There are high definition cameras throughout the building—at all of the entrances and exits, and in the hallways and elevator. There’s a secure bike garage just for residents, which they need their key cards to enter. What with all the recent crime in IV, it is be a comfort for residents to know that they and their bikes and cars will be secure, especially in a hot spot like the LOOP.

Aside from just having a place to live, the LOOP also offers easy access to some awesome new places for anyone to study or catch up with an old friend. Eight thousand square feet of the building is used as commercial space for restaurants like Crushcakes and Pizza My Heart.

“We’re going to open up a third commercial space downstairs, and that’s something people have to look forward to,” says Miller.

 There are 24 parking spaces that are maneuvered robotically for the price of $2800 per spot for the whole year. The cars are lifted into the air in order to conserve garage space. As cool as the robotic lift sounds, $2800 is an absurdly unreasonable price to pay for parking; thankfully, there is normal parking for a lower price.

“It’s been awesome living here. It’s a very legit place to live. The roof has a really nice view,” says Jack Kim, a second-year global studies and Spanish double major. “The only problem is it’s so pricy, but it’s a new apartment, and it’s right next to DP, right next to campus, and I thought it’s the perfect place to live. I like the vibe. The people are pretty chill, nice to each other,” said Kim.

The LOOP is almost completely full right now, and many students are very interested in living there in the future. “People usually say, ‘You live in the LOOP? Let’s party at your house, dude!’” says Kim.

All in all, it’s a fantastic establishment that tends to the needs of IV residents. The location couldn’t be better, the features are incredible and the staff members are very friendly and open for conversation. The apartments are spacious, and the residents are pleased. The main downfall is obviously the high price, but there are many places in IV that cost almost just as much—and the residents don’t get nearly as many advantages as the ones in the LOOP.

Photo Courtesy of Wonderlane