5 Questions with Mama Ortega


Ortega Dining Hall’s Friendliest Person

Morey Spellman

Photo Courtesy of Mama Ortega

Q: When did you first start your dining career here at UCSB?

A: *laughs* September 23, 1981

Q: What is your favorite part about working at the dinning commons?

A: Every day I learn something new from the students. They help to make every day special, unique and enjoyable.


Q: What’s one of the most memorable experiences you’ve had working here?

A: When the students decided to vote for me for various awards. I was very honored and humbled.


Q: Are there any famous people or celebrities you’ve met through your work?

A: There are almost too many to recall. The most notable I can recall have included Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan.


Q: Have you always worked at the Ortega dining commons or did you ever work at other dining commons around campus?

A: My first position was actually at Carrillo and then I got moved to Ortega. In summer I move around between DLG and Portola.