10 Cheap Things To Do Over Spring Break


Erica Yu
Executive Managing Editor
Photo Courtesy of: Mariel Lising

So finals are finally over, you’ve got that swim suit ready body you’ve been working diligently on, and you’re ready to get your spring break on. But there’s one catch… you’re broke.

Almost every college student has had ramen and mac n’ cheese days when they’re low on food money to make ends meet, so why not apply the same approach to spring break? That way, you can have your cake and eat it, too.


Some of you may be laughing, but what better time to show off your swagga? Pull out your creative cards and get to work. If you love singing or playing an instrument, this will give you time to start getting serious. Practice, practice, practice and then record your talent and share it with the world. Dancers, this also includes you. Take the extra time to come up with some sick choreography. Not so talented in the arts department? Why not grab some friends, family, or even your pet and make a video? Everyone included in the project will have a good time and they will be memories that will last forever on the web.


There are a variety of fairs and festivals to satisfy everyone from the foodie to the extreme sports enthusiast. Most events are free or have a low cover charge.





For most of us, spring break means warm, sunny days. Time to break out the water guns and water balloons! Stage flash water fights with your friends at random times during the day. Chill by the pool or try your hand at water balloon tennis or football. And why not break out the slip n’ slide?

Another alternative is ice blocking. For those of you who don’t know what this is, this is a racing activity where individuals sit on ice blocks and try to get to the bottom of a hill the fastest. You can buy blocks of ice from most major supermarkets. But remember to place a folded towel on top of the block so your bum doesn’t freeze!


I love free, and I love entertainment. So the combination of the two is simply irresistible. Some of the free events I’ve gone to in the past include a Death Cab for Cutie and Paramore concert, a taping of What I Like About You, and attending a whole season of America’s Best Dance Crew. There are various sites that TV shows, companies and events look to in order to get a live audience.





Unravel all the stress that built up over winter quarter! Whether you need me-time or time with friends to catch up on life, take this time to unwind. Look for deals to a local day spa or try yoga at the community center. Plan a girl’s or guy’s night or discover new routes for jogging. This is also a great time to simply catch up on those zzz’s!


Spring break isn’t complete without at least one visit to the local beach. Go by yourself to catch some waves, or make it a date or grab a bunch of friends. Make the day even more exciting by having a picnic, bbq or bonfire. Mix things up by checking out beach sites that you haven’t been to before. Wear sunscreen and watch out for the seagulls!



Finish reading that book you started but never got around to finishing during school. Finish that art project that you weren’t able to find time to do. Finish watching that series that you started but got too busy to watch every week. Instead of taking this time to try completing a new project in a week, take this time to get older things done. Don’t overwhelm yourself with the task of completing everything! Choose one or two things you’d like to complete and get to work.


Take this time to go through all your belongings and see what can be sold at a yard sale or donated. Make the event more fun by asking friends, family or neighbors if they want to join in. Use money from the yard sale to buy a much-needed lamp, some new additions to your wardrobe, or even books for next quarter.  Hold your yard sale early in the morning and on the weekend. Price your items a little above what you want, since bargaining is guaranteed to occur.


Why not have some fun while doing some good? Many events offer volunteers free entrance and food in return. You can also take this time to volunteer in fields that interest you as a future career. Try checking in with your city’s community center and see what events you can volunteer for. Volunteering is also a great way to meet new people with similar interests as you.



I would have to say that this is the ultimate bargain. Stay at a family members’ or friends’ house and drive a car with good gas mileage.  If you can, bring camping equipment to explore the great outdoors. Go stargazing and watch the sunset or sunrise. If you live in a city, why not take a trip to the mountains or country side and vice versa. Drive along the whole Pacific Coast Highway or go on a mission to discover the best diner in your state. Whatever you do, just make sure to bring a map or GPS system so you can find your way back!

Whatever you decide, always decide to have a fun spring break! This time is definitely needed. Take a break from the normal routine and do something exciting!

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