Money Saving Tip Number Two


Andrea Rodriguez
Staff Writer

Getting from one place to another isn’t as difficult as it used to be. The days of the horse and carriage and the bandwagon are over. However, although transportation is easier, it has become quite pricey.

Gas is a major expense, especially when embarking on one of those long car trips. Cars are pretty costly to keep in good condition, especially at UC Santa Barbara, where parking is limited and pretty expensive and where punks think it is fun to break off side mirrors.
So if you ever need to save a little bit of cash, here’s an alternative to driving:

Tip number 1: Take a break from cars and ride a bike or take advantage of cheap transportation

Stop driving! If the place you’re heading for is not that far away, then get on a bike. It sure wouldn’t hurt to get a little exercise once in a while. By biking to places instead of driving, you’re saving gas for trips that are farther away and saving money at the same time.

Tip number 2: The cheapest way to get around besides biking is taking the bus.

UCSB gives out a free seasonal bus sticker at the beginning of the quarter. If you happen to lose your sticker, you can get a new one for three dollars. That’s pretty cheap.

And here’s a little extra secret: if you happen to lose your Access card (which if you lost your bus sticker, most likely you lost your Access card) then you can ask to get a replacement Access card in black and white for free, instead of paying twenty bucks for a replacement color card.

Now, I know the bus doesn’t seem like a very appealing way to get around, but it is definitely an option if you want to give your car and your wallet a break. Plus, it takes about the same time as driving, depending on the specific bus route you take.

Also, consider asking your family to come visit. You can save gas money by having them come to you, instead of you going to them.

Tip number 3: Consider looking up rides online to your hometown during the school breaks. Many people drive home alone or with an extra seat, making it perfect for someone like you to tag along and just pitch in on gas. Carpooling allows you to save money and meet some cool new people that live around you.
These are all ideas to help you save a little money. Definitely try out the bus for those trips to places like State Street, where the 24x takes less than twenty minutes to get there from campus. Also, try using your bike to go to places like Goleta Beach.

This has been your ever so gracious fellow money saver, pointing out obvious ways to keep that cash in your wallet.

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