Joint Rolling Contest
by Ben Tolksdorf­


Hundreds gathered in Anis’q’oyo Park Sunday May 18th as the local chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) held its 4th annual Joint Rolling Contest. Music abound, Resurrect Effect, Tibsters, Ron Paris, and a late afternoon jam session had endorphins rolling on this characteristic sunny Sunday. Information tables on topics like the prison-industrial complex, the related War on Drugs, and also manufactured uses of hemp (both historical and modern) allowed community members to educate themselves thusly.

Contest participants readied themselves near 2pm as the first category, “fattest joint,” was decided. Other categories included fastest, primo, medical, and freestyle. Dr. Dave Berman, Candidate for Third District County Supervisor, was present as well. Dr. Dave’s message was to “take a friend to the polls [on June 3rd]…in the self interest of the people of Isla Vista.”

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