Keep Yourself and The Earth Beautiful
by Elvia Ramirez


Being pretty does not mean you have to compromise the planet. Many cosmetic companies are seeing the importance of the global climate change problem and doing their part to fight this problem by creating eco-friendly products. Here’s a sensible guide to green make up and body care products that will keep you looking pretty and living green.

For Lips try: PlantLove Botanical Lipstick by Cargo ($20): This lipstick is made out of corn! The outer covering is made out of real seeds so just plant the covering and watch the wildflowers grow. This lipstick just keeps on giving, because with each purchase of it, $2 dollars will go to St. Jude’s research. You can find it at nearby Sephora stores.
For eyelashes try: Dr. Hauschka Mascara ($22.50): Love your lashes the natural way! This mascara has natural ingredients like neem leaf extract and water. Find it at
For your face try: Nvey Eco Organic Moisturizing Fluid Foundation ($45.00):
Cucumber, organic calundula, chamomile are just some of the ingredients in this foundation. Indulge yourself at
For your body try: Pangea Organics Canadian Pine with Green Sage Body Soap ($8.00): The great thing about Pangea’s all natural products is that their packaging is
made with new Zero waste post consumer materials. You can soak
them in water and then plant them to give back to the earth. Check it out at Nordstrom’s.
For sun protection try: Aveeno Sun Block Lotion SPF 30 ($10.49):
The sun’s damaging rays can cause skin cancer and age your skin, so protect your skin with this natural sun block. It has ingredients like soy, vitamins A, C, and E. Find it at your local Albertsons.
For your hair try: Your Crown and Glory Conditioner ($8.49): This shampoo gives body to your hair, and it cleanses debris from your scalp with all natural ingredients like water, olive oil, sesame oil, rosemary, and many more! You can start nourishing your hair at