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Virtual Reality Headsets: Gaining a New Perspective on the Video Game...

Travis Taborek Staff Writer Any long-time gamer could tell you that an essential part of any game is its ability to immerse the player. Video games differ...

Nintendo or Nintendon’t? Company Faces Annual Loss for Third Straight Year

Madison Donahue-Wolfe Staff Writer Things are looking grim for Nintendo. The video game company, which experienced extraordinary success with the launch of the Wii in 2006,...

PlayStation Now: Sony Unveils Cloud Gaming

Julian Levy Staff Writer Illustration by Hector Lizarraga, Staff Illustrator Sony has announced PlayStation Now, a cloud gaming service that will stream PlayStation games to the PS4,...

PS4 Allegedly Has a Development Edge Over Xbox One

Peter Crump Now just days away from the releases of the Xbox One and the PS4, Microsoft and Sony fans are already lining up to...

World War VIII: The Technology of the 8th Console Generation

Madison Donahue-Wolfe Illustration by Hector Lizarraga The next generation of gaming consoles is fast approaching. Sony and Microsoft will each release their highly anticipated consoles, the...