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Wednesday, November 25th 2020

Zoom Background: The Creation of Mapache

Michelangelo would be jealous of this UCSB-themed Renaissance Zoom background, illustrated by Echo Dieu.

What You Can & Can’t Control: A Guide

As we get busier with fall responsibilities, and as the news continues to be an alarming distraction, it's easy to feel a...

The Bottom Ladle: Spiced Apple Pancakes

The perfect autumnal brunch recipe, illustrated by Esther Liu. Recipe courtesy of Lena Abraham.

The Bottom Ladle: Let’s Make Sourdough Starter!

A colorful step-by-step guide to a classic quarantine pastime, illustrated by Kiyomi Morrison.

The Bottom Ladle: Lemon Squares

This simple and delicious recipe for lemon squares is guaranteed to satisfy your summer afternoon sweet tooth. Recipe and illustration by McKenna...

2020 Halloween Costume Guide

Illustrator Grace Park presents some unique costume ideas to keep you safe while still turning heads this Halloween.

Pumpkin Carving Inspiration

Carving some last-minute pumpkins? Use these doodles by Savannah Larsen to spice up your doorstep!

The Tip of the Iceberg

A non-comprehensive list of Black lives lost to police brutality in the United States since July 2014. Rest in power.