Intervals A Cappella Final Performance of the 24–25 Year


Ellise Huston

Features Editor

“Boots and cats and boots and cats and boots and cats…”

This (only much better and cooler) is what was onstage of Girvetz 1004. The lecture hall was decorated with flowers, balloons, and glitter, and the lights were a kaleidoscope of pastels that flitted over the stage like fairies for their Enchanted theme. InterVals, an a capella club composed of 15 UC Santa Barbara (UCSB) students, stepped onto the stage on Saturday, May 18, for their last concert of the year. 

But this wasn’t just any concert. This being their final concert of the 2023–24 school year, InterVals highlighted their members who are either graduating or leaving UCSB before the next school year. Seven of the 15 members sang their last solos with the a cappella group, which they chose and arranged the vocals and choreography for. The moods ranged from sad, melodic songs such as a beautiful rendition of “Ceilings” by Lizzie McAlpine sung by Sana Vijaynathan, to upbeat songs that made the audience want to stand and dance with those on stage, such as “Hypotheticals” by Lake Street Drive, sung by Sarah Miller. She told The Bottom Line (TBL) in an interview that she chose that song because she knew how great of an arrangement it would make and how much fun it would be on stage. (And she was right.) (Also, if you haven’t heard these songs, I highly recommend you listen.) 

For an hour and a half, the group sang their hearts out, rotating from their spot as alto, soprano, mezzo, to soloist. However, there was one moment when they took a break to talk with the audience to honor the seniors and those leaving the group.

The seniors lined the stage as a hush fell over the crowd, and out came the rest of the InterVals members holding gifts for each leaving member. As tears began to fall from both those receiving the gifts and those giving them, it was clear to the audience how close all of these members had grown throughout their time together. 

“We bonded both inside rehearsal and out, about music and everything else,” said Miller. “I’m grateful that I got to spend two years in the group with them and that I got to have them all with me when I performed my solo on stage.”

Something else that was truly heartwarming to hear was how all the a capella groups came together to support each other. Each group on campus performs at least one song as openers for each other, each making sure to get the audience to cheer on whichever group is following after. (It’s not as cutthroat as Pitch Perfect, I have found.) 

After the InterVals Vocal Percussionist (VP) (The people who do the “boots and cats…” but so much better) left the group just a few weeks before their spring concert, they were worried they might not be able to continue with their last one of the year. However, the soloists found that help was just one ask away. The other a cappella groups at UCSB were more than willing to lend a hand, or a VP, for a song to make sure the show would go on. 

Though this was the last concert of the year, there are still great things in store for InterVals A Cappella. The work doesn’t end when the concert does, as they are still rehearsing as you read this. But even if you happen to have missed the concert or find yourself unconvinced, don’t just listen to me; listen to their new album that will be released on all streaming platforms on May 31. 

If you are interested in joining InterVals A Cappella, their auditions will be in the fall quarter. They are open to anyone and everyone who attends UCSB. Keep up with their social media to see what other things they are up to for the rest of the year and the summer, and I promise you won’t be disappointed!


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