Puff Puff Pass: What Is the Best Way to Get High?


Cassidy Petroccione

Senior Staff

On my first trip into the world of cannabis, I was 18 years old, sharing a pipe with my brother in the familiarity of our childhood backyard. The initial sensation left me in a state of panic, my mind grappling with the unfamiliar euphoria washing over it. However, I began to understand and ultimately embrace the experience, marking a significant moment in my personal journey with marijuana.

When it comes to indulging in cannabis, the options are as varied as the effects they produce. An edible takes longer to hit but can last up to six hours, while taking a hit from a bong offers an immediate effect for about 2-3 hours. Puffing on a joint also delivers quick results lasting between 2-3 hours. Each method carries its unique ritual and result. Other options include the bubbler and the pipe, both providing immediate effects that last for about an hour, and the pen, which hits immediately but has the shortest duration, lasting about 30 minutes. 

Contrary to the prevalent stoner stereotypes that paint users as unproductive and lazy, I find cannabis to be an invaluable tool for motivation and relaxation. Just as some unwind with a cocktail or seek solace in the smoke of a cigarette after a demanding day, I prefer the soothing ritual of lighting a joint. This moment of indulgence is about relaxation and rejuvenation, allowing me to reset and recharge. Accompanied by the ambient tunes of Mk.gee, this experience transforms into a personal retreat, where the day’s stresses dissolve. Sometimes I am hit with creativity and write. Much like any other personal preference for relaxation, this choice is a deliberate part of my routine that enhances my well-being and productivity.

However, a common misconception about cannabis, even among regular users, is its addictive nature. It is important to clarify that while marijuana itself is not chemically addictive like nicotine or opioids, the habits formed around its use can be. Many people identify as functioning stoners, demonstrating that cannabis use does not inherently change who you are or diminish your ability to socialize. The actual addiction lies in the routine — whether it is rolling a joint every day or the time of day you choose to light up. This habit is often what people struggle to break free from, not the substance itself. 

In other words, how you manage your highs plays a crucial role in the overall experience. If you decide to be productive, tidy up, or engage in creative activities, you will find the high to be enhancing. Conversely, if you choose to lounge and relax, you might feel lazier for the rest of the day. It is all about the choices you make post-consumption. 

Respecting marijuana is also crucial. Much like a relationship, how you treat it affects how it treats you. Abuse it, and you will feel the consequences, possibly affecting your health, social life, and mental well-being. However, if you maintain a healthy respect for it — using it responsibly and understanding its effects — you can maintain a balanced relationship that makes your experience enjoyable. 

Understanding these aspects of cannabis use helps frame it in a more accurate light, encouraging both new and regular users to make informed, responsible choices. It is about creating a healthy relationship with what you consume, being aware of the impact of your choices, and respecting the substance as well as your own body and mind.


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