Saturday, December 7th 2019

5 Questions with an Isla Vista Co-op Employee

Why did you decide to work at the Co-op?

Santa Barbara Beer Festival Draws Beer, High Number of Attendees

It is not often that one sees lederhosen and pretzel necklaces in Santa Barbara, but these costumes contributed to the merriment at the fifth annual Santa Barbara Beer Festival on Saturday.

It’s Easier if the Cops Don’t Know: Downhill Skateboarders Host Secret Event

Downhill skateboarding, if you ain't falling you ain't learning.

Drugs and Alcohol Don’t Mix Well at UCSB

University of California Santa Barbara is known for its “party school” reputation, but was ranked the number 10 of all public national universities this year by the U.S. News & World Report.

Taste the Rainbow: Pride Week Kicks Off at UCSB

After much thoughtful planning and a demanding rehearsal schedule, the Associated Students Pride Committee

Calling All Bookworms

Crystal Chen Photos by Madison King, Staff Photographer University of California, Santa Barbara’s Lit Club successfully held a book drive on April 29 and April 30...

Coalition for Justice Marches for Trayvon Martin

Travis Taborek Staff Writer A group of University of California, Santa Barbara student activists referring to themselves as the “Coalition for Justice” organized a meeting at...

Dodgers And Giants Rivalry Heats Up with the Baseball Season Mid-Swing

IV is abundant with Dodgers and Giants fans, the rivalry begins.

Alumni Prove Student Advocacy Continues Past College

Gwendolyn Wu Campus Beat Reporter While some student activists retire their megaphones and community-building skills after college, some pursue further grass-roots organizing. Just ask Yoel Yosief...

Meet Kavi Alexander: Isla Vista’s Resident Musical Pioneer

Madeleine Lee Staff Reporter “Young lady, what are you doing reading Playboy?” To that, I have no response. But for Kavi Alexander, a self-professed vigilante of hippie...