Wednesday, December 11th 2019

Your Children’s Trees Makes Lasting Impact

Quincy Lee Staff Writer “These aren’t our trees. They are our children’s trees and our children’s children’s trees,” is the motto of the student volunteer organization,...

Mononucleosis Ravages Isla Vista

The kissing disease is common in Isla Vista

Chaos Reigns in Egypt, UCSB Students Evacuate

Five UCSB students were evacuated from Egypt on Tuesday due to the civil unrest in the country.

Ghosts and Gangsters Glide in a Monthly Bicycle Event

A biker gang circulated downtown Santa Barbara, turning heads and

Winter Wonder Drag Makes it Reign for a Third Year

Thea Cabrera Montejo Before the third-annual Winter Wonder Drag even began, the palpable anticipation among the crowd raised a sense of unbelievable eagerness. The two-hour...

Lack of Gaucho Football Isn’t a Matter of Principle; It’s a Matter of Price

Matt Mersel Staff Writer Two weeks ago, the San Francisco 49ers trumped the Atlanta Falcons to move on to the Super Bowl for the first time...

How to Live Simply: Inside the Minds of Isla Vista’s Minimalists

Bailee Abell Staff Writer Photos by Kana Ebiko It is a common misconception that people of faith are constantly shoving religion down the throats of the secular youth....

What I’m Looking Forward to in 2011

A list of things that we hope will come and go in 2011

Santa Barbara Offers Alternatives to Partying

Samantha McMullen Arts and Review Editor By choosing this campus you have already heard various facts about UCSB, such as that it is literally on the...

Discover the Library

The Davidson Library and the Arts Library are two places incoming freshmen should not stall to check.