Monday, November 20th 2017

Blue Valentine Shows A More Tragic Side of Love

Blue Valentine a must-see film about heardbreak.

Hidden Gems of IV: The Isla Vista Neighborhood Clinic

Peter Crump Photos by John Clow, Staff Photographer A bustling and vibrant college town, Isla Vista has a sense of community that's undeniable. Nowhere is this...

Radio on TV: KCSB Hosts ‘Popped Culture’ Film Screening

IV Theater 2 was almost disturbingly empty for Thursday night’s double feature, but KCSB’s Development Coordinator Ted Coe didn’t seem to mind. Coe seemed too excited about

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Gwendolyn Wu Editor-in-Chief Carillonist Margo Halsted takes the elevator up to Storke Tower’s observation deck every Monday morning, climbing a few short flights of stairs after...

UCSB Begins West Campus Bluffs Trail Restoration

Construction and restoration of West Campus Bluffs Trails is underway.

Campus Teach-Ins Introduced to Further Education

Jack Shea The University of California, Santa Barbara started off 2017 with teach-ins that intended to allow and empower students to learn about systems of...

Panelists Discuss Atheism in the Black Community

Karisma Davis “Atheism is a baseline declaration of unbelief.” On Thursday, the MultiCultural Center hosted a panel discussing atheism, specifically in relation to black people and...

YOGOH Organization Promotes Bike Safety

You Only Got One Head, or YOGOH, is a student-founded

Noted Anti-Racist Activist Tim Wise Speaks at Campbell Hall

Arturo Samaniego Staff Writer This past Wednesday night acclaimed author Tim Wise gave a thought provoking and insightful talk on the history and current nature of...

Buddha Bowls: Fresh, Local, and Reasonably Priced

Madison Donahue-Wolfe Staff Writer Photos by John Clow, Staff Photographer Buddha Bowls, the latest restaurant to open its doors to the residents of Isla Vista, offers a...