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Tuesday, March 2nd 2021

Preview: Mapping Dissent: Planning a Course for an Uncertain Future

Jack Alegre Staff Writer In order to match the anxieties of the times, art must be flexible and reflective of the challenges within society. Thankfully, on...

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Gwendolyn Wu Editor-in-Chief Carillonist Margo Halsted takes the elevator up to Storke Tower’s observation deck every Monday morning, climbing a few short flights of stairs after...

OPP Candidates Disqualified From Holding Office

Four OPP members were not allowed to assume the positions to which they had been elected.

Imla’kesh Organics

Julia Frazer Staff Writer It all began at a house on the 68 block of Del Playa in 2011. The University of California, Santa Barbara students...

The Palladino Brothers

Lexi Weyrick Staff Writer Photos by Benjamin Hurst DJ and Joe Palladino, mainstays in the film and media studies department, have a history of working together. They’ve worked...

Discover the Library

The Davidson Library and the Arts Library are two places incoming freshmen should not stall to check.

Rx Bandits Brings Music Diversity to UCSB

Review of the Rx Bandits performance at the Hub

Life of the Party Encourages Living it Up in the Right Ways

Julia Frazer Staff Writer Photo by Ivy Kuo, Staff Photographer The laid-back, fun atmosphere of University of California, Santa Barbara and Isla Vista has become a key...

UCSB Professor and Alright Alright Bassist Talks Craigslist, Music Scenery, and New EP

James Shevelin Photo by James Shevelin For the last five years, the Los Angeles zombie-pop band Alright Alright has been rocking venues throughout southern California with...