Sunday, May 19th 2019

UCSB Students raise over $22,000 in just 24 hours

Hundreds of students, faculty, staff and local residents participated in

UCSB Athletic Department Pushes DARE Referendum

UCSB students will be voting on DARE referendum

UCSB Students Turn to Rideshares to Get Home

Linus Li Staff Writer As University of California, Santa Barbara students realize the approach of Presidents’ Day weekend, many are thinking about going home to visit...

Many People, One Movement: UCSB Attends The 25th Annual Student of Color Conference

Hari Kota Staff Writer In a weekend of thought-provoking workshops, caucuses, and protests, a delegation of approximately 100 undergraduate and graduate students from the University of...

Skate It Up!

How to choose the right skateboard for you.

Magic Lantern: Enchanting Audiences Since the 1960s

Lacy Wright Staff Writer Today, most students know Isla Vista Theater as the classroom you take your general education classes in. But when it was originally...

Pilipino Culture Night Successfully Highlights Filipino Culture for 27th Annual Event

Jennica Martin Staff Writer Last Saturday, UCSB’s Kapatirang Pilipino hosted its 27th annual Pilipino Culture Night (PCN), entitled “’Til Next Time,” to hundreds of screaming and...

Water Conservation in IV: How Everyone Can Do Their Part by Taylor Orr

With winter storms in full force, it is easy to take water for granted. When it rains in Isla Vista, students often complain about...

Dodgers And Giants Rivalry Heats Up with the Baseball Season Mid-Swing

IV is abundant with Dodgers and Giants fans, the rivalry begins.

Green Chef Competition Brings Food-Lovers Together at MultiCultural Center Lounge

Devin Martens-Olzman Staff Writer Photos by John Clow, Staff Photographer It was an early dinner on Sunday afternoon for the students who attended the Green Chef Competition,...