Tuesday, March 20th 2018

‘Escape from Tomorrow’ to Premiere at IV Theater

Helen Luc Shot completely in Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland without the actual permission or consent of Disney, the fantasy thriller film “Escape from Tomorrow”...

A Closer Look at Labels

Magnolia Meimand Saffarian How would you define yourself without labels? According to spoken word poet Richard Williams, better known as Prince Ea, labels “blind us...

First Annual Domecoming Weekend Held at UCSB

Devin Martens-Olzman Photos by Margarita Baliyan, Staff Photographer, and Benjamin Hurst, Staff Photographer “I’m a Gaucho ‘till I die. I’m a Gaucho ‘till I die! I...

Be Well-Prepared for the Job Market

How to be well-prepared for the job market out of college.

Nerds: It’s a Lifestyle, Not a Costume Choice

Opinion: Nerds, it's a lifestyle, not a costume choice

Your Children’s Trees Makes Lasting Impact

Quincy Lee Staff Writer “These aren’t our trees. They are our children’s trees and our children’s children’s trees,” is the motto of the student volunteer organization,...

AS Recycling Launches Sustainable Beauty Campaign

A new campaign to raise awareness about waste reduction was launched by the

Shutdown of the Guantanamo Bay Milatary Prison by Alex Cabot

Although much was at stake during the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election, one issue that seemed to have been decided on quite early in the...

Radio on TV: KCSB Hosts ‘Popped Culture’ Film Screening

IV Theater 2 was almost disturbingly empty for Thursday night’s double feature, but KCSB’s Development Coordinator Ted Coe didn’t seem to mind. Coe seemed too excited about

StudySoup Provides an Educational Platform for Students to Connect

Andrea Vallone Staff Writer If you've been in any large lectures lately, you probably noticed clipboards circulating throughout the first weeks of the quarter headlined with...