Put a Finger Down — Midterm Edition

Illustration by Alyssa Long

Janice Luong

Staff Writer

As midterm season fades, we can feel the stress starting to lift off of us. During crunch week, students are out studying and getting caffeinated around the clock. However, when it’s all over, we feel the same or even greater amount of relief. So, to “celebrate,” here’s a fun game we can play to find out how common and alike our habits are during midterms! If you do any of the listed items below, you’re out!

You’re out if you …

1. Drank at least three cups of coffee or Yerba Mate in one day. 

2. Made a whole list of assignments and things to do, but only got through half of them. 

3. Stress ate foods that made you feel guilty afterwards.

4. Lost five hours of sleep cramming.

5. Only talked to one person during Week Five.  

6. Settled for a C. 

7. Procrastinated until 8 p.m. and thought, “Well, it’s getting late, study tomorrow.” 

8. Did zero studying.

9. Lost all hope for a class.

10. Pet your pets aggressively to destress. 

How’d you do?