In Photos – Brad Pitt Receives the Maltin Modern Master Award

Photostory by Graeme Jackson

Photostory by Graeme Jackson

The marquee at the Arlington Theatre illuminated the growing crowd anticipating Brad Pitt’s arrival


Pitt makes his way towards the red carpet after a handful of interviews with major media outlets.


Pitt took his time speaking with all the press, showing his appreciation for everyone who came out to honor his achievements and career.


In an interview with The Bottom Line, Pitt joyously gave advice to students who were interested in pursuing a career in the film industry. “There are so many different aspects to film. Just listen to your instincts, get in there and try everything and see where your interests lie, and learn the craft, really study the craft,” explained Pitt.


Along with acclaimed film critic Leonard Maltin, Pitt discussed the many phases of his career, providing attendees with a refined perspective on his personal and professional life.

Long time collaborator David Fincher presented Pitt with the Maltin Modern Master Award.


Pitt disclosed to the sold out crowd “You guys don’t know this but I hang out here a lot, I’ve [been] up in Goleta since 99’,” said Pitt. “This is home, I’m home… Santa Barbara rules.”


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