UCSB – Then and Now

Photos by Graeme Jackson and Rick Zhang

Photostory by Graeme Jackson and Rick Zhang

UCSB’s biking culture has been an integral part of the University atmosphere from the earliest days of the Goleta campus


Isla Vista Market is not only one of the only grocery stores in Isla Vista, it also holds the title of being the oldest business in Isla Vista opening its doors in 1956.


Storke Tower’s construction began in the early 1960s. The tower’s completion and the addition of the carillon came in late 1969 making Storke Tower currently 50 years old.


UCSB’s Arbor walkway still hosts a large amount of foot traffic today, providing an area for various student organizations to gauge interest from passersby.


Despite architectural differences over the years, the UCEN continues to be a place for UCSB students, faculty, staff, and alumni to convene, collaborate, and socialize.


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