UCSB Adventure Programs take Big Sur

Photos by Sanne Molenaar

Photostory by Sanne Molenaar

Thursday afternoon, the start of the adventure. First things first; playing ‘luggage tetris’, to fit everything in the van.

After enjoying a long night of sleep at the campsite, the group embarked on the first hike of the trip

After finishing the first hike, everyone made their way down to Sand Dollar beach where people ate lunch and enjoyed lots of free time

Around every corner another breathtaking view revealed itself while driving through the mountains to the second campground

The drive back to SB yielded one final 0.5 mile hike. Despite having no knowledge of the hike or the area, the view at the end was still extraordinary. 

UCSB’s Adventure Programs are a great way to discover places like Big Sur with like-minded individuals.

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