International Students Explore a Yosemite Winter

Photos by Sanne Molenaar

Photostory by Sanne Molenaar

Whilst waiting for all the travelers to arrive, the group hiked through the forest at the base of the valley, eager to start the day

Travelers on the trip consisted of international and exchange students. When coming to Santa Barbara, nobody expected to be walking in the snow at any point during their stay. Luckily, last minute shopping and warm layers kept everyone happy.

The low temperatures on the first day of the trip yielded some mechanical trouble with the bus being frozen. Rolling with the punches, the group immediately took to hiking and walking to start exploring the new Yosemite terrain. 


Searching for the perfect spot with a view of Yosemite Valley to eat lunch proved to be a challenging task. It was tough reaching the higher points on the route, but everyone agreed it was definitely worthwhile.

Preparing lunch on snowy slopes called for some improvisation. Luckily, everyone had gotten used to being around snow at this point.


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