Top 10 Halloween Costumes of 2018

Photo by Addison Morris

Addison Morris
Arts & Entertainment Editor

From slutty to spooky, cavalier to clever, and funny to failure, Halloween costumes at UCSB deserve a ranking. Here are the top ten witchin’ outfits I saw this season.

  1. Wonder Bread

A simple bodysuit or onesie outfit shouldn’t make the cut, but I haven’t seen a better food costume since this sliced bread. Fourth-year economics major Evan McGuire, a hilarious worker at the Rec Cen’s Hallowheels, made the most of his late-night shift, choosing to dress up and doing it better than half of the partygoers.

  1. Greek Gods

Second-year english and comparative literature major Mary Pimentel and second-year English and Italian major Keegan Pedersen chose the perfect costume for going to a Greek party and deserve props for that. Moreover, Pimentel is goddess in real life and Pedersen demonstrates the perfect way to make a quick, cheap costume by turning household items — in this case bedsheets — into almighty attire.

  1. Go Go Yubari from “Kill Bill

Fourth-year biological anthropology major Victoria Childers went all out for her unique costume, making her own chain mace accessory and even getting bangs to complete the look. She dressed up as Go Go from the famous Quentin Tarantino movie “Kill Bill, and her dedication rendered it a killer success.

  1. Mystery, Inc. from “Scooby Doo”

Consisting of a tall, lanky fellow dressed as Shaggy and his short, blonde girlfriend dressed as Daphne, one couple picked the perfect characters to play off their natural appearances. The only reason I can’t rank the couple higher is because I’d be accused of narcissism. Just kidding! Fourth-year electrical-engineering major Ryan Rohde’s and my costumes were pretty good — if I do say so myself — but not the best I saw.

  1. “Winnie the Pooh” Characters

Fourth-year sociology major Spechell Colbert, fourth-year communications major Larissa Yllescas, and fourth-year psychology and comparative literature major Annette Ding didn’t simply buy their characters’ onesies (easily available at Walmart). Instead, the three created their own cute outfits, utilizing monochrome dresses, skirts, and leotards, complete with toy ears. Any one by itself may have been cliche, but this trio of friends joined forces to complete the look with not only Pooh, but Tigger and Piglet, too.

  1. Lola Bunny from “Space Jam

Cute and animated third-year anthropology major Darcy Hummel picked the perfect costume to compliment her personality. Decked out as the spunky girlfriend of Bugs Bunny in the 1996 film “Space Jam,” Hummel wins points for the perfect costume combo of sexy and sweet.

  1. Flo from Progressive

Already bubbly and bobbed-brunette, third-year CCS biology major Kristen Klitgaard rocked her impression of Flo, the fictional saleswoman from the Progressive commercials. Making the entire costume herself, she undoubtedly deserves recognition for a creative and original costume.

  1. Seniors Dressed as Seniors

Fourth-year ecology and evolution majors Grace Rosburg and McKenzie Sime took their senior status to a new level when they dressed as senior citizens for Halloween this year. They proved that upperclassmen not only rule the school, but also dominate the clever costume arena.

  1. The Pigs

In response to the overbearing and unnecessary increase in police activity over Halloweekend, a group of boys — who wish to remain anonymous — decided to dress up as pigs in cops’ uniforms. This funny ensemble borders on disrespectful, but, in my opinion, the oppressive police intervention surrounding UCSB’s Halloween is antiquated and unfair, and so deserves to be challenged.

  1. Reverse Playboy Bunny and Hugh Hefner

The winner of college Halloween costumes at UCSB has to go to the role-reversal of the iconic Playboy bunny and Hugh Hefner costume. Popularized last year after Hefner’s death but revived this year with a novel spin, the costume featured the boy donning the bunny outfit while the girl wore the pants. First-year statistics major Hartley Morris and her boyfriend, Cole Palko from SBCC, put their own creative spin on a tired, misogynistic costume, and the result was a hilarious success.