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Artist Spotlight: Amy Chase

Artist Spotlight: Amy Chase
Amy Chase/Staff Illustrator

My artwork is most often inspired by comic books, high fantasy, and science fiction.  Digital coloring gives me access to a bigger spectrum of colors and range of effects to help me get the right tone to a drawing.  In 2017 I’m really hoping to stretch my art to more dynamic poses and more complex coloring. My medium for all four of the drawings is pencil on paper for the under-sketch and then digital colors using a Wacom tablet.

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Amy Chase is a fourth year English major whose interest in science fiction has led her to writing a senior thesis discussing sexbots, among other things. She both writes and illustrates for The Bottom Line, but because a picture is worth a thousand words, she often goes over the allotted word limit. When not working tirelessly for TBL, Amy spends all the rest of her free time reading comic books and knowing way too much about superheroes.
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