Please Let the Dogs Out and Let the Cats in: The Purr-ks of Being a Cat Lover


Nura Gabbara
Staff Writer

Meow. The age old dispute between cats and dogs has been settled. Cats win. Meow.

Imagine being a dog lover who is coming home after a long, tiring, stressful day at work. You don’t want to walk through your front doors to be bombarded by a hyper attention-seeking dog jumping in your face, lashing you with its powerful tail, barking at you for abandoning it, begging you for a strenuous walk outside and trying to lick your face with its slobbery hot tongue.

Instead, cat lovers walk through their front doors and are greeted by a beautiful fluffy independent creature that gracefully glides across the floor to bask in your presence. Cats then proceed to rub against their owners’ legs as a gentle, yet loving sign of affection and purr harmoniously while ever so slightly wagging their caterpillar tails to show you just how much they care without having to invade your face and space.

Take your cat on a walk? Please. Cats don’t need to be walked. And cats don’t have to beg for attention like dogs must because they know they’re adorable enough to have their love reciprocated. Sounds to me like cats are just the most purrfect pets.

Dogs must to be loved and will resort to havoc in the form of temper tantrums. For example, dogs will succumb to obnoxious whimpering, ear-splitting whines, howling at the roof, malicious barking, monstrous growling, tearing apart your favorite pillows, showing you their sharp canines, chewing through your savvy shoes, peeing on rugs and wrecking the entire house if they are ignored for just a second.

Needless to say, cats are just too charming and revered to be ignored. However, when cats feel the need to gain attention from their owners, who also happen to be their best friends, they do not resort to childish behaviors like dogs. Instead, cats seek the attention of their owners in adorable ways by resorting to their playful nature.

For example, cats are cuddle bugs and love to curl up in furry balls next to their beloved owner. Cats are sweet creatures. They enjoy softly pawing their owners’ hair, lying down in artistic forms and poses to catch their owners’ eye, and batting their darling lashes while gazing at their owner with compassionate eyes.

And you as their owner want to reach out and softly run your fingers through the delicate fluff of your cats fur. Cats will reciprocates the affection by rubbing their little heads against your hands. Cats adore their owners’ presence and understand when to be playful and when to be peaceful.

Some may believe dogs to be more lively and entertaining pets. Dogs can be taken out for a run or a stroll through the park, play fetch, and tug-of-war. But, on the downside, dogs must be granted this constant attention regularly.

Dogs will beg for constant attention by tossing their tennis ball, chasing their owners around the house and looking at the front door with a face saying, “please take me out for a walk!” And when you do take your dog out, they become a mess by rolling in the mud and leaving behind presents all around the park.

Cats, on the other hand, become adventurers when taken to the park. They pretend to be in the jungle by hiding under leaves, delicately sniffing plants and flowers, rolling in the grass and catching lizards to thank you.

Many people prefer dogs because they can be trained to perform tricks. But this is because dogs desire approval. They surrender their free will to their owners and learn tricks because they lack independence.

Cats are too intelligent and independent to be made into circus clowns. Besides, the only trick a cat must learn is to use their litter box.

Cats are cleaner, cleverer and cuter than dogs. They smell like beautiful daisies on a summer day, they look like Schick models strutting in poses, and have the cutest human-like personalities.

Cats are love.

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