Tenants Union Defends Property

Cheyenne Johnson
Staff Writer

Photo Courtesy IV Tenants Union

The Isla Vista Tenants Union is currently dealing with questions and confusion regarding the proposed purchase of the property at 6550 Pardall Road. The property, currently occupied by Grafikart and IVTU, has recently become the center of debate regarding who will be allowed to hold office space on the second floor of the complex. IVTU expressed concern after it was suggested that other Associated Students Boards, Commissions and Committees were planning on using the property for their own purposes.

IVTU addressed the confusion in an email with a focus on the IVTU’s decision to use this property autonomously.

“IVTU wishes to pursue the purchase of this building only if IVTU is the sole property owner and the ultimate decision maker concerning the building’s use,” IVTU stated.

It goes on to explain the relationship between IVTU and BCCs, continuing its focus on autonomy.

“IVTU has in no way extended invitation to any BBCs for the second floor or any other space should the purchase be successful, with the exception of the [Legal Resource Center]. Currently, there are no solidified plans to do so.”

A main concern expressed in a written letter to Legislative Council was the appearance of some to view the property as belonging to Associated Students.

“We feel strongly that certain advisors, student body and board members are still acknowledging this as a general AS purchase,” the IVTU stated in the letter composed by Chair Kelly Yazdi, Vice Chair Samir Azizi and others. “The Isla Vista Tenants Union is using their own personal resources to fund the purchase of this building specifically for the use of IVTU and the Legal Resource Center, the only other BCC that IVTU has explicitly extended invitation to.”

The letter went on to state the reasons behind the misperceptions and the confusion including a discussion with External Vice President of Local Affairs Tim Benson, and a quote from newly elected EVPLA Rhandy Siordia.

“In a recent Daily Nexus Article,” read the letter, “newly elected EVPLA officer Rhandy Siordia announced plans for the second floor of the building that were not discussed in any manner with the IVTU and was stated in such a way as to exclude our ownership of the building.”

Due to the problems surrounding this issue and its continued misrepresentation to the public, IVTU declined to comment and Siordia continued this sentiment, stating he was respecting IVTU’s request to not comment.

“The purchase of the 6550 Pardall Road property has become a very complex discussion due to the massive amount of miscommunication that resulted from external dialogue,” said Yazdi. “Therefore, IVTU and our staff advisors have chosen to keep the conversation internal so as to steady the process and build effective communication.”

IVTU stated that it held no hard feelings against AS and others involved in this problem and aims to move forward in a smoother manner.

“We hope that the misunderstandings will be cleared quickly and more open communication established soon so that progress of this landmark purchase can be continued,” said Yazdi. “Until then, IVTU will begin pursuing other office spaces.”

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