Trouble-Free for a Small Fee


Jason Worden

Illustration by Irene Wang

For college students, there is nothing better than a trip with some best buds. Whether it is a music festival such as Coachella, a road trip to Vegas for EDC or a spring break vacation, it’s unquestionable that it will be the time of your life.

That is, however, often untrue for the one organizing the whole ordeal. Unforeseen glitches and hitches are sure to block the road before even stepping foot in the car. From finding the appropriate amount of cars or hotel rooms for an ever fluctuating number of friends coming along, to gathering gas money from the seven friends stuffed in a Suburban, each tedious detail becomes a hassle–and often just for one unlucky person at the helm.

The last thing desired is tedious collecting of money or bickering over dollars to ruin an otherwise unforgettable experience. Personal experiences at events such as SnowGlobe in Tahoe irrefutably confirm this.

“Throughout a long, hectic getaway or festival it becomes near impossible and too vigilant of a task to keep track of money being thrown around,” said third-year philosophy major Tyler Kresch.

JusCollege, a service that provides personalized packages for group of comrades, will organize each minute aspect of this upcoming Coachella trip for you and your friends.

The company’s Facebook page asks fans for advice on what possibilities to offer, such as lodging at the Venetian or Mirage during the three day Electronic Daisy Festival in June. Their several partnerships with other companies, such as the Palms or Treasure Island hotels in Las Vegas, entail several customized options for endless opportunities of fun. JusCollege also offers custom packages for any Greek life event or activity up to the customer’s choosing, ranging in size from your closest companions up to a thousand amigos. Claiming itself as “your concert concierge,” the company aims to alleviate the worries that are usually upon the attendees’ shoulders.

JusCollege “creates a custom package to provide groups with mansions or villas, limo/party bus transportation and options for bartenders, DJs, [and] full security,” said Amy Wunderlich, one of the organization’s representative.

The Coachella package eases the stress off of fans, yet no true Coachella experience trades in the camp-out aspect for a hotel stay like JusCollege offers. Regarding Coachella, festival goers are better off finding a carpool ride and camping out than turning to JusCollege.

“What makes Coachella special is that when the music is over at night, the festival really just begins,” said UCSB second-year communication major Dylan Chase. “The campsite is a community and a getaway to enjoy that is as much of necessity as the live music for all three days.”

A determined college student can utilize his or her smarts to coordinate an excursion of a lifetime without outsiders’ assistance. That being said, utilizing JusCollege for a big party bus to transport all of your friends from Isla Vista to Indio, Calif. and back for a Coachella weekend of a lifetime would be a favorable and economically efficient move. For other happenings–especially music festivals lacking a camp-out element–the service may be ideal. The offered coordination of a shuttle to and from the event can be a life-saver. Finding a designated driver at such events is inexplicably difficult and taxis become gruesomely expensive. If stress-free, safe participation in party favors outweighs the relatively small additional fiscal burden of letting someone else handle the headaches, JusCollege may serve as a viable option.

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