Getting Rid of That Hole in Your Pocket: Tips to Live Cheaply


Andrea Rodriguez

Once, I was at a café with my father. He ordered a coffee and I ordered some muffins. After getting our order, we walked over to the counter where they place the straws, spoons, ketchup, and all of that good stuff. My dad grabs a handful of the little creamer containers and places them on my plate saying “for here” then he grabs an even bigger handful, smiles at me and says “for home”, then he stuffed them in his pocket. Its just one of those things he does to save money. My dad never pays for creamer.

I am sure that most of us do strange little things here and there for the sake of saving a couple of dollars, like taking ketchup packets home. You don’t have to do drastic things to save a couple of bucks. With an open mind and a good imagination, saving money is easy, especially with many options around us. Here is a tip that will hopefully help you save and use your money for more important things (like rent).

Tip of the day: Look out for UCSB group activities and deals!

The A.S Program Board puts on free movie screenings every Tuesday, and holds other events that are either low cost or NO cost. Who doesn’t like free stuff? You can save on popcorn for that movie as well- its only one dollar…just one- which definitely beats paying for overpriced popcorn at the movie theater! Plus, you get FREE refills. You can check out ASPB movies and other events at

Check out the student resource building for free things daily, especially in the women’s center and other centers in the building. There is also a bulletin board that displays events and free classes that various clubs on campus are holding. Often, food is offered as a way to get people to come and it’s always free. Free food is definitely great for saving money, and you might end up having an interest in the club so it’s a win-win situation.

Also in the SRB, about midday during each week, peer health interns and a professional massage therapists set up shop to de-stress the average college student. The massages are free and even if there is a line, they are worth the wait!

The MCC is similar to the SRB; it holds events and information about clubs and places where you can most likely find free services and tasty treats. The products or goods you get at these events aren’t all tacky things like stickers, key chains and pencils (although pencils are a definite plus for future exams). Most groups offer handy products for students, like the Community Affairs Board, who offer free scantrons during finals or midterms week. Other essential college-student bonuses include free T-shirts, free Nike track bags and a bus sticker, giving you free transportation around all of Santa Barbara.
Or you could be a sucker like me and be ecstatic over a keychain flashlight.

So, visit club events on and off campus for free food, prizes, handouts and to see if you can find a connect with one of these clubs. Take advantage of ASPB free movies and visit the MCC and SRB to see what free services and products you can get at no cost to you.

All you money saving enthusiasts can scope out the campus at UCSB and know where to go for free food and a show.

This has been your ever so gracious fellow money-saver helping you find new and unique ways to save your money and to get you hooked up. Now go enjoy the savings!

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