CAB Has You Covered if You Need a Job


Emma Dougherty

The upcoming Care Expo on Tuesday, January 25 is the perfect aid for anyone stressed and overwhelmed by the bleak job market. The event brings local non-profit and government agencies that are recruiting students for career, intern and volunteer opportunities to UCSB. The event is an opportunity for students to connect with the Santa Barbara community and will be held at Corwin Pavilion from 12 to 4 p.m.

Associated Students’ Community Affairs Board and Career Services are co-sponsors of the event. Dan Griffiths, Community Outreach Coordinator for CAB, believes that CAB’s involvement in the event is a benefit for all students.
“We feel that it will help connect UCSB with the local community and promote the values of public service,” Griffiths said.

A plethora of different organizations that promote the values of public service are lined up to appear at the event. Thirty-four various groups will offer a wide-ranging spectrum of opportunities for students to have easier access to internships and job opportunities from local to international levels.

One such group is the Transition House, which provides a local outlet for students to make a difference. The Transition House aims to alleviate the stresses of poverty and homelessness among Santa Barbara residents.
Alongside these local organizations, groups such as the Peace Corps and Teach for America will provide opportunities for students to take action outside of the city limits.

Griffiths hopes that by providing access to such a wide array of organizations that the students will reap even greater benefits.

“I hope that the event will introduce students to the many ways to get involved, as well as provide opportunities to explore a career in the non-profit or government sector,” Griffiths said.

The Care Expo offers advantages for students and outside organizations alike. Griffiths explains that students are able to interact with a multitude of organizations in a convenient location. The organizations also get to connect more with the University and create a student network.

Frustrated with the ever-depressing job market, the student population is already showing interest in the Care Expo. UCSB sophomore Hayley Gordon is very supportive of CAB’s decision to co-sponsor the event.

“I support CAB spending money on events like this because, in the end, my time in college will be all about the connections I was able to make,” Gordon said. “Who knows, maybe I will get more out of these few hours at the event than any class.”

For students who want even more than the Expo, there is an opportunity to take part in a dialogue on critical issues in the non-profit community. Americorps, City Year, and the Peace Corps have teamed up to provide a free panel and workshop after the Expo. The panel will be in Career Services 1109 from 4 to 5 p.m.