UC Regents Openly Discuss the Possible Fee Increase

For the Students

Hannah Davey

Multimedia Editor

The Committee on Finance just finished their presentation on the California budget and the status of the UC budget and the regents are openly discussing the possible 8 percent fee increase.

Both Student Regent Jesse Cheng of UC Irvine and Student Regent-designate Alfredo Mireles, Jr. of UC Berkley oppose the fee increase and have been lobbying votes against it. They both offered different solutions other than fee increases, including making a state issue out of the UC budget.

“Families wouldn’t mind hearing about a fee increase if they knew we went to Sacramento first,” said Chang.

Regent Eddie Island, however said that the increases are unavoidable and are reasonable enough for UC attendees to endure

“Student and families have been able to meet these increases and will continue to do so,” said Island

Additional reporting by Amanda Garcia