Transition Clothing From Fall to Winter Season
by Claire Wei


The weather is actually getting colder, and the land breeze that was once 80 degrees has now decreased 15 decreased. Winter clothing looks increasingly favorable, but we still want to wear our dresses, shorts, and everything summer/early fall. Transitional pieces will help you stay warm while you can still wear your flimsy clothes.

Throwing on a jacket is the easiest way to transition into winter. Peacoats are mini versions of knee-length wool coats, which you can conveniently wear over a dress or jeans and simultaneously have that New York City and SoCal vibe. Guys, wearing a peacoat is extremely sophisticated so  don’t be afraid to step out of the cargo- shorts-and-tee-shirts combo. 

Or if you’re  more of the rock n’ roll type, go for moto- cycle jackets. Ultimate symbol of biker chic, you can easily layer your outfit.  Tee shirt, jeans of your preference, your leathered friend, and voila! You’re total Greaser status. 

Blazers are another great option. Piped blazers (ones with white or black outlines) are the modernized versions. Very stylishly Ivy League. 

The Trenchcoat, cousin of the Wool coat, is a great option for windy Santa Barbara weather. Single breasted (one row of  buttons) is the timeless version, while double-breasted (two rows) adds a bit  of Anne Hathaway as a spy agent in Get Smart. Either way, because the material  is so sturdy and waterproof, you can be bold with the color if you’ll be constantly wearing it. 

Try and daring red to channel your inner Beyonce from her “Ring the Alarm” video. She and Sasha Fierce would definitely approve. 

Another transitional piece is for dress lovers. Black or grey opaque tights are your best friends. No leggings. Forget looking like a blast from the 80’s and modernize yourself with tights that extend all the way to your feet. You may not like it, but tights will elongate your height and make you look leaner, unlike the ankle-length leggings that make you look squattier. And if you’re already under 5’7, why do you want to look even shorter and stumpier? Opaque tights are sophisticated alternatives and believe it or not, they also keep you warm. Express truly has the best tights, and they’re Buy One Get 50% Off, so hurry for some quality hosiery. 

When choosing colors, avoid bright colors and patterns. Your dresses are most likely lively, so they need the attention, not your tights. And even if you own dark solid-colored dresses, choose bright accessories as highlight. Never put a spotlight on your legs via bright tacky colors. If you really want to show off your legs, you wouldn’t be wearing any tights now, would you? If you truly despise wearing black, then opt for gray. It’s a less harsh color and is very fall/winter appropriate. It’s also a very flattering color for lighter skin tones so you don’t look completely glow-in-the-dark in your black ensemble. Replace that shiny with a different texture like cable knit. It’s way warmer than the traditional stretch polyester. All in all, tights add a touch modern Parisian elegance that 80’s will never offer, no matter how hard you try.

If you don’t want to spend any money on new clothing for the new season, that’s perfectly understandable. You can still transition with your current collection. Keep in mind color and texture. Colder weather generates darker colors and thickertexture. Opt for wool, cashmere, and tweed.In case you don’t know what tweed is, look at Chanel. It’s the weaving of different yarn and intertwining them for sturdiness. Darker colors, like sage green or dark purple are the new blacks for this year. Some of you still love your pastels, and you can still wear them as long as you pair them up with blacks or grays. Think demure. Everything is fitted and along the same color palette with pops of bright hues. And think mysteriously fashionable. Black high-collared, mini dress,  pale yellow silk scarf tied a la Parisian mime, bright green skinny belt, black cable-knit tights, and tuxedo  Oxfords (high heels, of course!) And to top it off, wear a black peacoat or moto jacket to punk things up. Now go strut your stuff to your classes.

Images: Forever 21 Faux Leather Jacket, $38; Old Navy Long Sateen Trenchcoat, $40; Banana Republic Gray Cable-Knit Tights, $16.50.

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