Wednesday, October 16th 2019

Avoid at All Costs: 4 Bad Celebrity Hairstyles

Four hairstyles for all people to avoid.

In the Eye of the Beholden: A message in defense of the female...

Embrace your flaws and don't let advertisements fool you.

Virtual Realities Becoming More Real

Virtual realities taking over the real world?

Modern Day Families Require a Flexible Role

Traditional families: a modern day dysfunctional family caught in the trap of values

To Text or Not to Text: For Girls There is No Question

Guys Text Vs Girls Text.

Money Saving Tip Number Two

Money feeling tight in your wallet? A couple helpful tips

Is Isla Vista Losing Its Mojo?

Has Isla Vista lost its edge and now a fallen empire?

Who Needs When You Have Facebook?

Facebook, the new way to "booty call"

Living With Your Best Friend Can be a Mistake

Living with your best friend sounds like a good idea, but it can be a very terrible mistake

The IV Jungle is Our Fault Too

We are all to blame for the jungle known as IV