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AS Week of Revenue

On February 7th, 2014 As part of UCSB Associated Students's Week of Revenue events, students were treated to trivia games and other informative activities, as well as...

Re-Reading the Feminist Sixties

A conference on Thursday February 7th, discussed progress for feminism since its call for fundamental reform in the 60's, including reforms in the work...

UC Regents Meeting Public Comment Day 2

On Jan. 23, 2014, various students voice their opinions to the UC Regents. Video by Benjamin Hurst http://youtu.be/JoxSaKFfecM

UC Regents Public Comments Day 1

On Jan. 22, 2014, various students and organizations voice their opinion to the UC Regents. Video by Benjamin Hurst http://youtu.be/ZpwHspEZ-3U

UC Regents Online Education

On Jan. 22, the UC Regents discussed details involved in the growing online education system for the UCs. Video by Benjamin Hurst http://youtu.be/5pNjl8pMIss

UC Regents Master Plan

Janet Napolitano, in collaboration with the California CC system and CSU systems, discuss the reinvigoration of the master plan. Video by Benjamin Hurst http://youtu.be/PDqSLLV3KLw

The Catalyst Launch Party

On Thursday, Jan. 30, the Isla Vista Food Co-op held a launch party to debut the return of The Catalyst literary arts magazine. They...

UC Workers’ Strike

On Wednesday Nov. 20, workers and students at the University of California, Santa Barbara gathered in support of a strike across all UC campuses...

Santa Barbara Harbor & Seafood Festival

Highlights from the annual Santa Barbara Harbor & Seafood Festival 2013. Video by Kelsey Knorp

Los Catanes Del Norte

Los Catanes Del Norte performed on Oct. 9 2013, as part of the World Music Series. The World Music Series was created by the Multicultural...