Significant Ordinance Changes Aim to Tackle Party-Related Issues in Isla Vista


Houston Sasselli

News Editor

In an effort to address persistent party-related issues in Isla Vista, the County Board of Supervisors recently adopted substantial changes to county ordinances. These changes, effective Feb. 10, grant Isla Vista Foot Patrol greater authority to manage outdoor festivals, live performances, and parties within specified boundaries. The modifications aim to enhance public safety and foster a more secure environment in the community.

One pivotal alteration is found in Section 6-70, which defines an “outdoor festival.” The definition includes music festivals, dance events, and “rock” festivals involving professional or amateur performers, prerecorded means, and attracting 500 persons or more, except for those with 250 or more attendees held within a defined Isla Vista area.

Section 6-70.01(a) imposes restrictions on outdoor festivals, including musical events, where music is audible from residential or commercial properties. Prohibited hours are from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. on specific dates, such as the first week of Spring Quarter and October 26th to November 4th annually. Violations are considered infractions.

Further limitations are outlined in Section 6-70.01(b), prohibiting outdoor festivals with over 250 attendees on residential properties, including mixed-use buildings. A violation is also considered an infraction.

Section 6-70.02(a) introduces a prohibition on outdoor festivals and live musical performances that require a ticket purchase, donation, or fee, labeling such violations as misdemeanors. Section 6-70.02(b) adds that selling alcohol during such events is also prohibited and classified as a misdemeanor.

Additionally, Section 36-6(b) and (c) establish the “Social Host/Nuisance Party” ordinance, allowing law enforcement to shut down parties for specific offenses. These include battery on a peace officer, assault with a deadly weapon, arson, lewd and lascivious acts, and more. Section 36-8 declares any violation of Section 36-6 as a misdemeanor.

The responsibility for violations falls on the owner, tenant, occupant, organizer, promoter, performer, or anyone involved in the act leading to a violation. Music equipment used during violations may be confiscated and held until the court process concludes.

A frequently asked questions section provides crucial information on violations’ eligibility for Isla Vista Foot Patrol Restorative Justice and offers advice on avoiding citations, arrests, and equipment confiscation. Only specific sections are eligible for Restorative Justice, and avoiding ticket sales, alcohol provision, large gatherings, and rooftop parties is recommended.

For further inquiries or clarification on these changes, individuals are encouraged to contact Community Resource Deputy Carrell at 805-681-4602 or

With decks falling off of the houses of Del Playa, it seems an urgent issue for there to be regulation on the amount of people who are allowed to inhabit the houses of Del Playa safely. These ordinance changes reflect a collaborative effort to address concerns in Isla Vista, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable community for residents and students alike.


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